Remembering Marigold.

What ever do we need an iron for?
Are we expected to iron our own beds, or something, now?

Oh well, will you look here . . .

Aw! That’s is our beautiful and especially dear Auntie Marigold pictured on there!
Now we will never forget her, Pixie and Bear.
Not only was she a very cuddly piggy to snuggle up to, she taught me all I needed to know about locating the tastiest nibbles of salad.

Thank you to our friend Paul who created this very special masterpiece.
We all love it – just as we all loved our dear Marigold x

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  1. What a beautiful painting of Marigold x… She was such a pretty piggy x
    A lovely keepsake of her, to keep always 🙂 …..
    Love to Fairy, Pixie & Bear xxx

  2. Dear Marigold, what a pretty piggy she was. Thank goodness she was such an expert on the tastiest salads too. Lucky Fairy to have had such a lovely piggy to show her the way when she was tiny. xxx

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