Fairy And the Snowpig!

Look! I have taken advantage of the recent abundant snowfall and built my very own snowpig!

Yikes! he’s a scary fellow!

Let me see . . . hum, very tasty!

He smells funny, Pixie!

Is he here to stay, do you know, Fairy?

NO! He isn’t staying! he couldn’t if he tried.
Line up quick, everyone, time for a group photo before he melts away!



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  1. Oh wow – A Snowpig!…. Very cute x… Fairy, he is as white as you, minus the pinkest nose & mouth of course 😀 ….. I see Pixie was having a nibble on his ear – at least that’s easily rebuilt with a bit more snow, lol…
    The group pic at the end is very sweet… I remember seeing pics of the Snowmouse, from last year I think 🙂
    Take care all x
    Love Debra xxx 🙂

  2. What a happy family! And lucky too, to be able to play with a snowfriend without getting their toes cold! 😀

  3. let it snow ….. let it snow …..
    what lovely pics ….
    there in your piggy-wonderland ……
    lucky girls ….. 🙂
    with love …..
    ingrid and the meeris and all the others here.

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