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Ho Ho Ho Pigs!


Treats For All!

It is that time of year for our two new arrivals to be introduced to the noble tradition of posing for a Christmas family portrait. Unfortunately, not all Piggies are as co-operative and naturally adept as Fairy!

Here’s Bear to explain . . .

Oooooo-errrrr, don’t look now – I must be dreaming. Treats keep materialising above my head as if by magic!

Oh . . . maybe it’s Santa coming to our house early. A practice run, maybe?

I’d better keep this to myself.

Oh-ho! I thought it was too good to be true – Pixie heard my munchy noises!

Oh for goodness sakes, Fairy’s in on it now! And there was hardly enough for a decent mouthful anyway!


An Early Christmas Gift for Fairy!

Well hello there my loyal followers. As you will all know by now, I take great pride in my appearance and personal grooming. To maintain the impossibly high standards I have established I rely on only the very best and efficacious products. So it was with great excitement that I opened today’s post and out popped a brand new Gorgeous Guineas Shampoo from one of my many Secret Admirers, Digger – and even better, it was an extra special Christmas Spice variety – BLISS!!!!

So come on Mummy – it’s pampering Fairy time.

Hurry along there – is the bath water ready yet?

Ooooooh – just the right temperature – lovely.

And now for the moment I’ve all been waiting for – the Shampoo!

Tee-hee! You are tickling my toes Mummy – very fetching they look too I might add.

That’s it, give me a good rub down for that fashionable ‘I just chewed through an electric cable, look’


This is my amazing ‘Levitating Fairy’ trick!

This part is the best bit ever!

Hummmph – I thought there would be the odd snack or two during my session.

That’s me all primped and preened. Now for some fun – it’s Bear and Pixie time.

To save water (and my bestest ever shampoo) they are having their bath together!

Mmm! Pixie, do you like the nice Christmassy aroma from MY shampoo?! Not too much Mummy.

Be a big girl, Bear (oh! You ARE!), the fur drier doesn’t hurt that much!

This has to be the best ever Gorgeous Guineas Shampoo – thank you, Digger!

We ALL smell lovely and Christmassy now, and feels as smooth as silk!


Our Grand Opening!

There was great excitement and a good deal of traditional British Pomp & Ceremony at the Piggery today. It was our OFFICIAL OPENING CEREMONY.

We were indeed fortunate to have secured the services of Princess Alice and Dame Rachel to perform the necessaries.

Early this morning an exuberant audience gasped in wonder as our royal guests arrive and attempt to walk up the red carpet. Dame Rachel is a little unsteady on her pins these days, bless her.

Here Princess Alice is caught in the very act of cutting the ribbon.

Goodness knows why she had to pontificate at great length about being ‘unaccustomed’ and asking everyone what they did, and had they travelled far.

And why she had to be given a jolly big bouquet of yummy carrots for doing it, is beyond me.

At least she had the good grace to leave it within easy nibbling range – burp.

The humans celebrated the momentous moment by swigging lots of fruity stuff – Yuk!

Hello, everybody – what about some special celebratory treats for us Mummy?

Hummp – perhaps the treats are up there.

No Bear, nommm, nommmm, nothing up here!

Any chance of a celebratory cuddle then? Anyone?

That’s better – Dame Rachel came in useful after all.

And, so did Princess Alice!

Well, all’s well that ends well. What a super day – we all had a jolly nice time!