Fairy’s Forrest!

With Christmas Day only a few short sleeps away – Fairy is in the Piggery, getting very excited.


Hmmmh, let me see now, who is this wonderfully beautiful, hand crafted creation from? I recognise the paw-writing.

Oh goodness me – it’s from my favourite ever Princess, Auntie Alice.

How clever of her – it’s petitte, decorous and tasteful – just like little ol’ me! And it’s very useful too – with all these presents I needed another tree to put them under.

I pity the poor Postie at this time of year – having to make so many deliveries to the Piggery.

This wrapping paper looks very tasteful – I might have a crafty nibble or two when Mummy isn’t looking!

Not only do my pressies look pretty, they’re very comfy to sit on too.

I wonder where these came from?

Gosh – they’re from Great, Great Dame Auntie Rachel – well at least the paper was tasteful!

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  2. Ooops… Sorry Fairy, had a problem with my post…. Here’s the proper one…

    Fairy, you are a lucky piggy… Look at the size of those pressies!… You may need help opening them 🙂
    What pretty little Christmas trees… I’ve just put some pretty white star ‘fairy’ lights around my wardrobe – looks very Christmassy 🙂
    No peeping at the pressies, Fairy – That goes for Pixie & Bear too! (And those pesky mousies, lol)
    Take care x
    Love Debra xxx

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