Impatient Pigs!

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  1. Christmas Wishes to you, Piggies – And little Fairy (the one perched at the top of the tree, as well as Superstar Fairy of course!) 😀
    Santa will be here quite soon – will you be putting out piggy stockings?… I love the cosy that Bear is sitting in – it looks like the shape of a tree (which it most probably is, lol)
    Hope you are all being good for your mum, as she must be super busy!…. Fairy, are you keeping an eye on the mousies?.. They must be getting excited too!
    Lots of love…
    Debra xxx 😀

  2. Hello Auntie Debs! It’s your fave superstar here!!
    You are correct, that IS a Christmas tree – MY Christmas tree actually, and now Bear has stretched it. Humph! Oh well, ’tis the season of goodwill and all that malarkey. It doesn’t mean I intend sharing all my presents though. As if!!
    I am pleased you reminded me about the mousies, they are coming round for a tea party over Christmastide. Better get started on the invite list, would you like to pop over?
    Have a jolly nice Christmas, you and your Poppet and Rosie xxx

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