Treats For All!

It is that time of year for our two new arrivals to be introduced to the noble tradition of posing for a Christmas family portrait. Unfortunately, not all Piggies are as co-operative and naturally adept as Fairy!

Here’s Bear to explain . . .

Oooooo-errrrr, don’t look now – I must be dreaming. Treats keep materialising above my head as if by magic!

Oh . . . maybe it’s Santa coming to our house early. A practice run, maybe?

I’d better keep this to myself.

Oh-ho! I thought it was too good to be true – Pixie heard my munchy noises!

Oh for goodness sakes, Fairy’s in on it now! And there was hardly enough for a decent mouthful anyway!

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  1. I love the last photo, where Pixie is poking her little tongue out!…..Ahhhh very sweet & fab pics as always 🙂
    Love Debra xxx

  2. We ADORE Pixie’s pink tongue and these are the best Holiday Portraits in the long history of Piggery Pig Portraits! Fabulous fun! Makes us giddy and giggly just enjoying the girls…

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