We’ve Moved!

My Mummy says patience is a virtue, whatever that is supposed to mean. She has been wait, wait, waiting 15 very odd years for a super dooper bespoke Piggery. Hummmph – that seems like a very long wait indeed, poor Mummy. I suppose you would need to be very patient and very virtuous to wait all that time. Funny really as I have never thought of Mummy as being patient before! For little me, Pixie and Bear, the wait hasn’t been quite so long – just a short week of total discombobulating disruption and it is done!


We’re IN! And about time too, if you ask me.

Muuuuuuumy! Come on in, it’s great!

There’s loads to see.

Hurry along Bear, we’ve been over there, it’s this way next. Keep up, Pixie!

This is our dining room area. Not exactly ample – but it will do!

Looks as if all this salad could do with a bit of a tidy up . . .

That will be a job for me then . . . nom nom . . . mmm. Jolly hard work all this munching, but very tasty!

Hay up Pixie! This looks just the ticket.

Oh yes indeed, some jolly nice sweet smelling meadow hay.

And there’s room for the three of us – just! Only the best for Fairy and her gang.

Now what else do I need to investigate?

Phewee! What a squeeze.

I’ll leave Fairy to it . . .

. . . while I selflessly help tidy up this little heap of grass someone thoughtlessly dumped here.

I really like our new Piggery Mummy.

Is there anymore grass clearing jobbies for me to do?

Yawn, stretch and another yawn for good luck. Now, did I hear someone mention GRASS?

Stand aside – there’s a Bear loose about this hoose!

Let me know when the next grass delivery arrives. I just need to test this bed thingy out for comfiness. Prod, poke, pummel – perfect!

While I am busy doing that, you can view the picture gallery. See how many of our ancestors you can spot.

Everyone’s up there. From Great Great Grandma Mildred Mittens, to the amazing Great Auntie Mavis. And don’t forget those wonderfully woolly twins, Mabel and Wilma. And look, there’s Auntie Matilda, Auntie Mary and dear Auntie Marigold and Mariella.

And look, there’s Big Wilma!

I say, listen up everyone! We LOVE our new Piggery.

Three cheers for the architect (my Mummy), the organiser (my daddy) and the clever joinery type men, Mark and Alan! But a very big thank you to all those Piggies who have empowered us all over the years with their love, characters and inspiration. The Piggery is dedicated to you all.

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  1. Wow, this piggery is something else – how absolutely gorgeous – but after all, guinea pigs deserve only the very best!
    Looks like you are having a wonderful time, Fairy, Pixie and Bear! I’m sure your Mummy will always be very grateful to you for clearing up any bits of grass and salad you find lying around, as they do make the place look so untidy!
    The guinea pig gallery is a lovely idea too.

  2. Oh Wow!…. What an amazing new home you have Fairy (of course, sharing with Pixie & Bear)…. Can Poppet & Rosie come to play? Lol… Your Mum & Dad have worked very hard to get the new ‘Piggery’ just right!
    Love all the colours… And of course, the beautiful picture gallery x
    Just love the pic taken from outside the window, looking in on you all 🙂
    Wishing you lots of happiness & many squeaks, in your new home x
    With lots of love, Debra xxx 🙂

  3. What a beautiful luxury piggery, you are lucky piggies 🙂 My piggy nephews and niece have a luxury piggery too. I just love seeing you wonderful piggies getting the bestest of everything; you so deserve it. xxx

  4. The piggery looks fabulous, its like a wee palace. The 3 princesses look soo happy in their new abode. I can just imagine them squeaking and saying “We love our piggery” 🙂 x

  5. We are all very happy in our new piggery, thank you!

    And there are other piggeries? Say Hi to your piggy relatives from me, Auntie Alimouse :)))

    Waves of my little paw to Auntie Debs and Auntie Katherine xxx

  6. HOW DID WE MISS THIS? BRILLIANT, we say, utterly BRILLIANT! LOVELY and when the boys’ floor is done let us know and we’ll have at it, O.K. we’re readying our five passports now!

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