Pixie And Bear’s Big Break!

Oooooh, errrr, howdy Fairy Fans. Fairy has decided that the time has come for us budding young starlets to write and star in our very first story – so here goes.

Ready Pixie?

Ready! Ready Bear?

Ready! Roll em!

Well I could be wrong, but it looks to me as if it must be nearly Teatime.

Yum – grass – our favourite. And there’s plenty for everyone. Tuck in.

Actually Bear, nomm, nomm, shouldn’t we, nommm, nommm be sharing some of this with Fairy?

Too late, the grass has nearly all gone.  Or it will have when I’ve swiped this last bit.

Ooooops! Pixie – where IS her Ladyship?

On a soft, snuggly blanket, not too far away . . . zzzzzzzzZZZZZ

What’s that Bear? There has been a catastrophic under supply in the grass department?

If tremulous tantrums of epic Fairy proportions are to be avoided you had better go and get Daddy – NOW.

Oh yes. You can always rely on Daddy to dish Fairy sized helpings of teatime salad.

That Pixie and Bear may well be young and eager, but they still have a lot to learn, and I will always be the real star!

Burp (pardon!)



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  1. Hello Fairy xx…. More lovely pics of all you piggies 🙂 …… I especially like Pixie & Bear standing up at the table, to munch grass!….. And you having a little nap 🙂 … There’s lots of salad in that bowl – hope you shared some of it, lol…
    Hope you are all well x
    With love xxx

  2. AWE! That Pixie and Bear are just TOO CUTE and finally figured out when the going’s good, to get going on their whEEkgrass! But, alas, Fairy will always be Daddy’s girl! They are all so beautiful…

  3. My words went astray! Daddy found them though and put them back where they belong. A story without words isn’t much of a story!
    Share MY salad, Auntie Debs? Are you mad?
    We ARE rather beautiful, I agree, sweet YumYum, and YOU are beautiful too! Fairy xxxxx

  4. Oh good, I’d been wondering where the words had got to! Although of course, pictures of beautiful guinea pigs are good to look at anytime!
    Love the “Fairy” sized salad – what a gargantuan appetite you have for such a dainty creature! I think I spy tomato in your salad – Do you really like it? Our squeakers shy away from it in horror!

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