Scary Fairy And A Pair Of Halloween Horrors!

Now then my people, what have we here then?

Oh yes, I remember! It is almost that time of year to perform spookily scary Halloween type things involving witches hats and pumpkins and, and, and all things orange.

Right ho. This year I have two new souls to conjure with.

Listen up you two – if you thought Mummy was scary . . . tonight we are going to unleash, err something spooky. Any ideas?

Well Fairy, I thought it might be appropriate to loll around in this cosy pumpkin . . . in a vaguely tormented manner.

Or lie down on this soft cushion and look all mean, moody and menacing.

And while Bear scares sundry articles of under clothing off terrified viewers . . .

I’ll crawl in here and practise snoozing like, like . . . like a Banshee.

And I will hide in here and do my finest manic Halloween type laughter, ‘Tee Hee’ (in a really sinister voice).

All this Halloween type stuff is making me very peckish. I thought there would be trick-or-treat type treats!

Maybe I need to increase my horror inducing activity a notch or two.

Here we go – ‘Screech, howl, err, sundry zombie type moans’.

Perfect, or what?!

Pixie, I don’t want to appear unduly critical, but I think we may have gone a little too far with all this horror inducing mayhem.


What a dress rehearsal disaster. Not even remotely chilling, and that was the BEST those pesky two could do.

I give up. I’m staying in here until Halloween is over, or at least until teatime.

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  1. Ahhh, sorry Fairy, but you piggies are just too cute and cuddly to be very convincing in any attempts at scariness! Being sweet and beautiful is much more your forte, I think. But is your Mummy really that terrifying?!

  2. Dear Fairy x…. I think you did very well with your scary attempts for Halloween 🙂 …… But as Katherine has said ~ you all are much too sweet to frighten any peeps reading your lovely website (unless of course, they’re of a very nervous disposition)…..
    I do love all your Halloween fleecey type cosies, especially the bright orange, pumpkin shade cosy 🙂
    Happy Halloween for tomorrow xx…. Hope you, Bear & Pixie, have a spooky time (not too spooky though) xx…. And your mum, dad & mousies too!
    Wooooo hoooooo & other ghosty type noises – whilst wearing my witches hat & flying around on a broom! Haha 😀
    Love Debra x Poppet x & Rosie x

  3. Once again you three girls have coaxed the terror into we boys across the pond: ooooooOOOOOOOOH! not really, as your friends Debra68 and Katherine said, you’re all just too cute and sweet! But! If it makes your fancy we boys will cringe in horror just to get the giggles into those cozies you’re sporting in most novel ways! Fairy, you’ve done a lovely job of mentoring Pixie and Bear, the Scottish lasses just need a wee bit more time, it seems, and – truly, dear Fairy – you really ARE one of a kind! We love your Halloween couture as much as we love all of you! (did you scare mum and dad, at least?!)

  4. Loving your Halloween antics dear Fairy. You’re teaching Pixie and Bear so well xxx

  5. Hehehe! I knew you would all be scarred stiff! Good!

    And I forgot to say, Auntie Katherine, Yes! Mummy IS scary but actually none of us take any notice when she does her scare tactics, not even Daddy;) Oh, but keep this to yourself, we don’t want Mummy knowing we are not scared of her.

    Dear Yum Yum, I still love you xxx

    And Auntie Debs, we SAW you on your broom – TONIGHT! I can understand it would be easy to get muddled, everyone is having their fireworks here tonight, and bear and Pixie are having to hide their ears!

    I think I would make a jolly good teacher, Auntie AliMouse, what with my wide knowledge of worldly goings on (salad, beds and cuddles being my top subjects) and my persuasive tactics. Yes, I would rather fancy the job. I will practice a bit more on my Pig-Sisters in readiness 🙂

    Fairy xxx

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