Pack It In, Fairy!

Is this our new salad bowl, Daddy? It’s not exactly ‘ample’ is it?

It came in a jolly big box though. Hummm, this could be quite useful.

Actually, I have just formulated a brilliant and cunning plan, and this box will be ideal for its furtherance.

Daddy, we need to discuss this in private, please.

Can you give me a helping paw to get out please? Thank you very muchly.

Now, it’s time to activate . . . Operation ‘Postie”. Ma-ha-ha-haa etc *DEMONIC LAUGHTER*

Oh my whiskers, Bear! I’m not sure I like the look of this.

I think Fairy is going to post us back to Auntie Wendi! Boo Hoo.

Yikes! I think you are right Pixie.

I say, Hello, HELLO! Can someone come quick and jolly well rescue us NOW this minute, Please?!

Hehe! I was only teasing!

I wouldn’t ever send my new pig sisters back to Bonnie Scotland – I love them, loads, even if they do eat all my salad!


I wonder where Mummy keeps the Postage Stamps. Tee Hee!!!


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  1. Oh no Fairy, you little scamp!…. You can’t post Pixie & Bear back to Scotland! Haha… Thats a large salad bowl, very nice though 🙂 ……. Halloween is very soon Fairy – Is your mum planning any spooky ghosty goings on, for you & the girls? xxx 🙂

  2. Pixie and Bear look so adorable in that box, but what a relief to find you weren’t really going to post them back, Fairy!
    A challenging question for piggies everywhere – “Do you love anyone enough to give them your last bit of salad?” Hmmmm!!

  3. SEND THEM HERE, FAIRY! WE’RE FIVE VERY LONELY BOYS, OH OF COURSE it would be a wicked thing and you’re mischievous but not wicked, so this was all just a big tease, eh? Well, we’ve news – what? – EXCUSE ME, Fairy…just a second – WHAT? er…um…Fairy, I have just been informed we are five boys not ALL COMPLETELY INTACT AS OF YESTERDAY so…um, er, sorry! Adorably wicked post, do be kind to the ones who steal your salad! I can say this because I AM the one who steals everyone’s salad here, and quite like it, too! Fairy, we got good chemistry, don’t we? Love, YumYum

  4. Hellooo Fairy xxx… I’ve just come back to check that you didn’t find the stamps, to send Pixie & Bear back to Scotland?….. Good girl, knew you wouldn’t 😀
    Have a great weekend xxx 🙂

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