Driving Fairy Round The Bend!

Crikey Bear. Is this . . . it can’t be?!

It IS Pixie! We are IN Fairy’s very own legendary super car!

You drive, Pixie, I will try to keep these pesky hitch-hiker type Mousies in order.

Oh-ho! I knew it was too good to last! Looks like we have another passenger, Bear.

I’d like to see you try to keep Fairy in order!

Ooooh errr, what will Fairy say when she sees I am in the driving seat?

It’s okay – it was high time I had my own chauffeur.

Right you two – are we nearly there yet? Don’t worry if you get a bit lost Pixie, I make a jolly good pig-nav.

At the next junction . . . follow the signs for the salad!

C’mon, Pixie, get your paw down!

Oh move over Pixie. Let me show you how it’s done!

Parp-parp! Make way, the Fairy-mobile is coming through! Next stop – supper!

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  1. Haha… What fab pics!…. And what a lovely racing car – room for all, including pesky mousies… Maybe you could drive to the ‘salad shop’ & pick up some extra supplies & snackettes? 🙂
    Fairy, have a lovely weekend with your friends xxx 🙂

  2. So sweet – and what a snazzy looking car! You piggies certainly lead an adventurous life! I just hope that the salad was up to scratch – these motorway service station type snacks can often be so disappointing!

  3. Fairy, Pixie, and Bear Dears One Come All, well aren’t you all snazzy in your own Aston Martin 00FairyMobile! We were hoping you’d invite a few, only one or two, O.K. maybe three or four, FINE! Maybe 5 (but Squirrel is still a little bloke!) for a ride in the trundle seat? What? No Trundle Seat?
    Hmmm, may we have a word? Thank you: please install room for eight adventurous pigs and we will forward our cupcake preferences in advance of our arrival by Space Shuttle Cavydae. Don’t “hog all the fun”
    heh-heh! What an utterly lovely sight you three make together!

  4. Driving miss Fairy 😀 Wonderful photos of all the piggy’s xx

  5. Hehehe! We loved all your comments :)))))

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