Hay Is Not The Only Food!

Oi (from across the other side of the kitchen) is that OUR tea?

It’s just that there appear to be ONIONS in that salad. Mehhhh!

Phew! This looks much better! Delightfully onion free I note.

Oh yes, mmmm, nom.

This will do very nicely – compliments to the chef!

And, for some of the more eminent patrons, that will mean ME of course, pudding is served!

Looks like it is one of those ‘eat all you like’ establishments, Bear. Tuck in.

Yes, but do we get pudding too?

Thank you, Mummy. My tea and MY pudding were yummy – Burp – pardon! One day Bear, one day!







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  1. I like onions, Fairy – but can understand why piggies don’t 🙂
    Your salad looked very scrummy – my 2 love grapes too, though, are very partial to tomatoes 🙂
    Have a lovely Sunday, romping around in your garden x
    Love Debra x

  2. I love tomatoes too, Auntie Debs! Especially when they are sliced all nice and mouth-sized and fed to me while I recline in my cuddle cup!

    A for grapes, bleugh! Pixie like them best, and Bear quite likes them. They also like BEANS! I don’t like them at all. I really like Romaine Lettuce though, and that is just what I am going to have now!

    Thank you, our wheekend is wonderful, I hope yours is too xxx Fairy xxx

  3. I like all you PIRATE GIRLZ and would love to have YOU for my pudding…but our mum said to mind our manners! DRAT!
    Yum-Yum (even if mum edits and signs her name,
    we would find you Scrum-deh-ly-ICIOUS to romp, raid, and
    play with!

  4. Both salads look really yummy x

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