Bags ‘o’ Treats!

Line up, line up . . . form an orderly queue!

Oh, ok, let’s just get stuck in then!

Nom, nom, nom . . . PIXIE, did you just BURP?

No! I am far too polite!

Do you like my hay hat . . .  followers of fashion would say it’s fascinating!!

It’s seems very quiet . . . has anyone seen Bear?

Here I am, coming up for air!

This bag of hay is the tastiest ever!


Thank you very much, Auntie Wendi and Uncle Martyn at Thistle Cavies Rescue for our very special treats.

We love them all – and we love YOU!



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  1. Hellooo there Fairy, Pixie & Bear x
    Aren’t you lucky having these bags of hay sent to you… Nom nom nom.. Am surprised none of you ended up IN the bags, lol..
    Have a lovely weekend all of you xx… I suspect there will be lots of nom nom nomming ! 😀

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