Pixie Goes Where Others Fear To Tread!

What! Where are you two off to then?

Shhh! Don’t tell Fairy, I’ll just check in here for her secret salad stash!


Hummmph – looks very cosy. Perhaps I’ll just sneak in for a crafty little snoozlet.

Oh, there you are Fairy, at last. I was just going to keep it warm for you – honest.

Have you heard of the saying, “Butter wouldn’t melt”?

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  1. WAAAAAH! Boy, Fairy sure has her paws full with these two Pirates from Scotland but they keep things stirred up and she secretly DOES LOVE THE FUSS, DOESN’T SHE? Now, there are rumours floating around about a certain Bear and a certain motorcycle and certain side-cars that Agent 00Fairy will be installing with help from The Queen? Be still our beating hearts!

  2. Have to add, they really are gorgeous, these three! How are five lonely bachelors from across the Pond to endure the Distance indefinitely?
    We needs us some Pirate Wimmin-Pigz! Hmmm, Fairy, you DO have a helicopter…?

  3. Fairy, I can see you have your paws full with these two! (especially Pixie)…. But you all look so happy 🙂
    Lovely pics as always xxx 🙂

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