A Sunday Jaunt!

Hello – is there room in there for little ‘un?


Oh okay then. what with my mighty strength and magic Fairy-Powers I will soon have this wagon rolling.

Heave . . . oh just a grass-picking minute, they must be joking.
But don’t worry, we already have a man-powered engine on paw.

DAAAAADDY? Come on now, give us a push can you, and hurry up about it. My new pig sisters are not going to sit still for much longer!

That’s just the ticket – hold on tight everyone while we zoom round the garden!


Great! That went well.

I think we ALL enjoyed the high speed bit – we should do this EVERY Sunday, what do you think, Pixie . . . Pixie, are you ok?!

Oh dear, the youngsters of today, ย they can’t stand the pace!

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  1. Just wonderful photos!…. Fairy, your new friends, Pixie & Bear, look right at home ๐Ÿ™‚
    I must ask your mum what camera she uses – your photos are always stunning!…. Have a great week you lot – Its very windy here in London.. Take care xxx

  2. That should have said, have a great wheek!…. Haha x

  3. We are four Mighty Boars, Fairy, always at the ready to serve you and your new sisters, just call on us, we come packed with our own salads and will work for WHEEEEEEEEK! By the way, what’s this rumour going around that your new sisters are Pirates who escaped last night and Fairy, YOU WENT WITH THEM ACROSS THE KITCHEN FLOOR while mummy and daddy slept? We are so proud of you we could SQUEEEEEEEE!

    an eye-candy …..
    so happy together ….
    close friends …..
    pretty sweeties …..
    wonderful photos ….
    made with so much love.

  5. Hellooo there x…… Fairy, you may need to ‘hide’ some of your snackettes from Pixie & Bear (just incase they try to pinch them – we can’t have you going hungry, can we?)
    Take care little one x….. Love to P & B too xx ๐Ÿ™‚

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