Shenanigans On The Lawn!

C’mon you lot!

Where are we going, Fairy?

This way everyone. Look sharp!

Fairy won’t notice me stopping for a wee smackerel!

What ARE you doing, Bear?

Who has been eating MY snacks?

Oh-ho! I WAS spotted!

I wasn’t!

Good job there’s plenty of grass for everyone.

It’s nice here, isn’t it Pixie . . . sure is, Bear – yummy salad, a jolly cosy place to sit AND a lovely little Fairy to keep a watchful eye on us!

What more could we ask for?!

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  1. Ahhh…. The new piggies have their names – Pixie & Bear!… Fab names 🙂 …… Lovely pics, seeing you all enjoying yourselves x
    Have lots of fun xx… Fairy, are Pixie & Bear sisters?…… Hugs from us here, to you there xx 🙂

  2. FRIENDS become friends ….
    what an absolutely lovely trio of (new) friends !
    we love you … 🙂

  3. Ps…… Fairy, I do hope those pesky mousies like Pixie & Bear? 😀 xx

  4. SQUEEEEEEE! Pixie and Bear, LOVE IT! We also had a Bear, his name was Bear the BeaverPig because he looked like…uh…what was that now? OH! A beaver! CAN’T BELIEVE how much this trio looks as if they have been together forever, and the pics are a HOOT! Fairy is having some fun now! WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WE ARE SOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!

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