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Jolly nice salad, chef! Thanks!

Hum . . . it all looks quite a lot for little me!


Oh good, here’s some help in the shape of a Bear!


Hehe! And I knew a little Pixie would be willing to help out!


C’mon girls, tuck in!


Crumbs! Looks like Pixie doesn’t need any help with the salad, Bear.


No! Just give me 5 minutes and I’ll have this little lot cleared away!

Nom, Nom, NOM!!

A Sunday Jaunt!

Hello – is there room in there for little ‘un?


Oh okay then. what with my mighty strength and magic Fairy-Powers I will soon have this wagon rolling.

Heave . . . oh just a grass-picking minute, they must be joking.
But don’t worry, we already have a man-powered engine on paw.

DAAAAADDY? Come on now, give us a push can you, and hurry up about it. My new pig sisters are not going to sit still for much longer!

That’s just the ticket – hold on tight everyone while we zoom round the garden!


Great! That went well.

I think we ALL enjoyed the high speed bit – we should do this EVERY Sunday, what do you think, Pixie . . . Pixie, are you ok?!

Oh dear, the youngsters of today,  they can’t stand the pace!

Shenanigans On The Lawn!

C’mon you lot!

Where are we going, Fairy?

This way everyone. Look sharp!

Fairy won’t notice me stopping for a wee smackerel!

What ARE you doing, Bear?

Who has been eating MY snacks?

Oh-ho! I WAS spotted!

I wasn’t!

Good job there’s plenty of grass for everyone.

It’s nice here, isn’t it Pixie . . . sure is, Bear – yummy salad, a jolly cosy place to sit AND a lovely little Fairy to keep a watchful eye on us!

What more could we ask for?!

Fairy Goes On An Expotition!

Everything and everyone is ready for off!

I am ready too – let’s hit the road!

What’s this? We seem to be crossing the border into Scotland.

Are we nearly there yet?

One hour later . . .

Not only are we THERE we are on our way back now – with extra cargo!

Hold on a minute while I get my breath.
All that bouncing along in the car has made me feel rather peckish.

Ready Now!

Meet my brand new friends!

And very nosey friends they are too!


Look! They even wanted to inspect my world famous teeth!

Come on everyone, this way . . .

Welcome to Fairy’s Fine Diner – THE place to be seen eating grass.

Triple portions please, waiter!

And if we form an orderly queue here and call very loudly, we will be rewarded with a jolly good scritchy scratch.

DAAAAAAADDY! We are ready now!

These new girls seem very well behaved and ready to follow my command.

They can STAY!!

Now there’s just the little matter of NAMES.


PS Thanks to Thistle Cavies Rescue. We are very grateful to Wendi and Martyn for the trouble they went to. Meeting up with us to save a couple of hours off our long journey, and for sending us these delightful girls! Thank YOU :))