Fairy And Her Friends Are All White – Almost!

Whoooo! What’s all this then?
And WHO is disturbing my ‘copter-nap?

Oh, it’s Dougal . . . and those snow-bright-white-polar BEARS. Keep the noise down.

Errr, don’t look now chaps, but Dougal has forgotten to put his white suit on.


Who’s this? Oh not to panic, it’s only daddy.


‘Come on out, my time is up?’
Oh no! You don’t get me that way.

It can’t possible be time for a bath. I only had one . . .
err . . . let me see . . . a week last Thursday’ish maybe. Yes, that was it.
So I am perfectly ok in here thank you very much.

Oh, you just wanted to give me a scritchy scratchy cuddle. Well that’s different. By the way, what time is it?

Ooooh – that’s nice. Humans do have their uses. Must be time for a snack!

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  1. Wow! Just imagine Fairy, Dougal, and her Polar Bears with a couple of lovey, crested sisters to boot! What a dream although Fairy would need a MUCH
    BIGGER COPTER, OF COURSE! But Daddy could build her one with his
    bicycle spokes, punctured tires, and “can do!” attitude!

  2. Ahhh… Fairy, its made my day to see these lovely pics of you (Dougal & polar bears too!) xx…. Sending hugs from London xx… And do take care in your ‘copter! xx 🙂

  3. I’m dreaming of a …. white FAIRY ….
    I’m dreaming of …. white fairy-friends …..
    I’m dreaming of a …. white dream ……
    a perfect dream … in white …..

  4. Whoo hoo Fairy xxx… Have a lovely weekend 🙂 x

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