Our Dear Marigold

Our dear Marigold has had some health issues recently.

We made the decision (the one we all dread) to let Marigold leave with some dignity on Friday. Her health deteriorated over Thursday night, but she seemed to enjoy her romp at 7am when she and Fairy went into the Piggy Palace where they both always loved to tunnel through the fresh, deep, sweet hay.

I went to check them at 8am. She was back in a corner, hunched up, her chin resting on the hay, her breathing rapid . . . . and she was very still. She didn’t take the cucumber I offered her. When I stroked the fur on her little head it felt ‘different’, no bounce, and her head was so very still. The vet was so kind and her end so peaceful.

Yes, of course there are tears. Somehow though, I am trying to focus on the most important fact . . . . every single day was a joy to our dear Marigold. From waking up, to going in her basket where there was always a special treat to sustain her on the 20 metre journey to the Piggy palace in the garden. To that morning hay-burrow, as refreshing as a morning swim in the brightest blue, warm and sparkling sea! To companionable munching with her sisters, followed by snoozes, dreaming of the next wonderful thing to happen. Lunch! Always a tasty treat served with a side order of ear rubs or gentle scritchy-scratches! Not a day missed, ever. Then back into the kitchen to snooze the rest of the afternoon away with the background chitter of the radio, the mixer, and me and Ian, and random ear fondles, and kind words. Then the overwhelming joy of a leisurely afternoon tea, while we ate our tea right next to them! A cuddle up with Fairy followed before supper later on. Always with the tastiest treats, the things she most loved – the leafy bits from the celery, some slices of the sweetest, tiny tomatoes, some romaine lettuce, fresh dandelion leaves, juicy, mouthwatering cucumber slices! And another flurry of fresh hay to sustain her through the night!

Surely though, the biggest joy, both ways, was the joy she got from being Fairy’s Best Friend, her sister, her cuddler-upper-pig! And the joy that she gave TO Fairy, giving Fairy confidence, showing her the ropes! And close behind that was the complete joy she gave to us! She was such a character, easy going and straightforward, gentle and giving, and so very, very sweet.

Not once was Marigold frightened, harmed, worried. Her life was the very happiest it could have been. Joyous! I can see it when I look at photographs of her (but not now, it is just too painful).

She wasn’t a ‘cuddle pig’ so we didn’t force her to be cuddled, although she loved her head-top rubs so much! She loved her romps on the grass! She loved every minute of every day and that is what we have to focus on.

We are so grateful for all your support, and to my friends who follow Fairy’s Blog but who do not post, thank you every one.

This is the saddest time . . . but I KNOW we did everything to make Marigold’s life wonderful, magical and as happy as can be . . . . thank you all xxxx and thank you, Marigold. You will always be in a safe part of our hearts and we will think of you forever with so much love.

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  1. I am sitting here sobbing and reading this heartbreaking news, beautifully written as always, and thinking how brave you are to share this with us all in this way. It’s a wonderful way to remember her and as you know, from many moons ago on the hedgehog forum, I so wanted to live in Fairy’s world and Marigold was lucky enough to have spent her happy life with you being loved, feeling safe and having a full tum! Your piggies have been a part of my life and give me so much joy even though we’ve never met and live miles apart and I have so enjoyed reading about Marigold in Fairy’s adventures, her persistent guidance and patience always makes me smile. I will miss her a great deal. Of course I’ll still read all about Fairy and will love her stories just as much…but they just won’t be quite the same.

    My heart goes out to you, Ian and little Fairy and I send you love and hugs at the sad loss of your treasured Marigold. xxxx

  2. Oh please forgive us! I can’t even read through my tears so I’m SO GRATEFUL you didn’t mind getting woken up in the middle of the night…we will do our best to remember Marigold’s golden-blessed life but just now cannot find the strength to read –
    We love you all so and maybe you have already mentioned how Fairy is holding up for we worry about her being alone but are too flooded with tears to know…we went through photos of her for our own blog post and in the spirit of what you wanted, used the last one, of her nose shoved in dear Mr. Bear’s sherry glass! We hope it’s what she would have wanted too…we love you all SO! WE JUST CAN’T STOP CRYING…but will write more once we have. Sending hugs and tears of joy and sorrow from Across the Pond…

  3. I have no words ….
    I am crying now.

    dearest marigold ……
    we love you.
    you all gave her the best life ever.
    always in our hearts ……..
    sleep well ……
    and don’t forget us, like we don’t forget YOU.

  4. Am so so sorry to hear about Marigold xxx… What a wonderful life she had with all of you x…. I know only too well what its like to lose a piggy – its heartbreaking 🙁
    Sending all our love to you & Fairy XXXXX
    Marigold, sleep peacefully little poppet xxx

  5. You have written a beautiful tribute for a very beautiful guinea pig. What a truly lovely life she led with you. These little friends bring so much joy and happiness into our lives, but the pain when they go is unbearably intense, and it never seems to get any easier. We send you much heartfelt sympathy.
    We lost our lovely Harriet a couple of months ago – but just recently a butterfly has been coming inside and flying around and inside the guineas’ cages – well…who knows…. I found it quite a comfort somehow.

  6. Thank you all so very much, your comments really have helped us. We are trying our best to focus on her happy, wonderful life, but naturally we miss dear Marigold very much indeed.

    We send our sympathy to you, Katherine, we were sorry to read you had lost your lovely Harriet. I am sure that little butterfly mean something!

    Thank you, thank you all, Mildred, Ian and Fairy xxxxx

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