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Fairy And Her Friends Are All White – Almost!

Whoooo! What’s all this then?
And WHO is disturbing my ‘copter-nap?

Oh, it’s Dougal . . . and those snow-bright-white-polar BEARS. Keep the noise down.

Errr, don’t look now chaps, but Dougal has forgotten to put his white suit on.


Who’s this? Oh not to panic, it’s only daddy.


‘Come on out, my time is up?’
Oh no! You don’t get me that way.

It can’t possible be time for a bath. I only had one . . .
err . . . let me see . . . a week last Thursday’ish maybe. Yes, that was it.
So I am perfectly ok in here thank you very much.

Oh, you just wanted to give me a scritchy scratchy cuddle. Well that’s different. By the way, what time is it?

Ooooh – that’s nice. Humans do have their uses. Must be time for a snack!

Our Dear Marigold

Our dear Marigold has had some health issues recently.

We made the decision (the one we all dread) to let Marigold leave with some dignity on Friday. Her health deteriorated over Thursday night, but she seemed to enjoy her romp at 7am when she and Fairy went into the Piggy Palace where they both always loved to tunnel through the fresh, deep, sweet hay.

I went to check them at 8am. She was back in a corner, hunched up, her chin resting on the hay, her breathing rapid . . . . and she was very still. She didn’t take the cucumber I offered her. When I stroked the fur on her little head it felt ‘different’, no bounce, and her head was so very still. The vet was so kind and her end so peaceful.

Yes, of course there are tears. Somehow though, I am trying to focus on the most important fact . . . . every single day was a joy to our dear Marigold. From waking up, to going in her basket where there was always a special treat to sustain her on the 20 metre journey to the Piggy palace in the garden. To that morning hay-burrow, as refreshing as a morning swim in the brightest blue, warm and sparkling sea! To companionable munching with her sisters, followed by snoozes, dreaming of the next wonderful thing to happen. Lunch! Always a tasty treat served with a side order of ear rubs or gentle scritchy-scratches! Not a day missed, ever. Then back into the kitchen to snooze the rest of the afternoon away with the background chitter of the radio, the mixer, and me and Ian, and random ear fondles, and kind words. Then the overwhelming joy of a leisurely afternoon tea, while we ate our tea right next to them! A cuddle up with Fairy followed before supper later on. Always with the tastiest treats, the things she most loved – the leafy bits from the celery, some slices of the sweetest, tiny tomatoes, some romaine lettuce, fresh dandelion leaves, juicy, mouthwatering cucumber slices! And another flurry of fresh hay to sustain her through the night!

Surely though, the biggest joy, both ways, was the joy she got from being Fairy’s Best Friend, her sister, her cuddler-upper-pig! And the joy that she gave TO Fairy, giving Fairy confidence, showing her the ropes! And close behind that was the complete joy she gave to us! She was such a character, easy going and straightforward, gentle and giving, and so very, very sweet.

Not once was Marigold frightened, harmed, worried. Her life was the very happiest it could have been. Joyous! I can see it when I look at photographs of her (but not now, it is just too painful).

She wasn’t a ‘cuddle pig’ so we didn’t force her to be cuddled, although she loved her head-top rubs so much! She loved her romps on the grass! She loved every minute of every day and that is what we have to focus on.

We are so grateful for all your support, and to my friends who follow Fairy’s Blog but who do not post, thank you every one.

This is the saddest time . . . but I KNOW we did everything to make Marigold’s life wonderful, magical and as happy as can be . . . . thank you all xxxx and thank you, Marigold. You will always be in a safe part of our hearts and we will think of you forever with so much love.

Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside – The Finale!

Following a particularly vigorous and rumbustious game of Pirates, peace and tranquility has returned to our holiday idyll.

Although with a certain young lady in attendance, albeit briefly.


Oh yes, this all looks very pleasant. I particularly like Marigold’s new bikini. Very fetching indeed.


Enough of all this indolence. It’s high time to resume my salad snacking.


Waaaah Mummmmmy! No salad!!!!

I’m sure I left my tasty pignic around here somewhere


I did, I did, I DID! It was right HERE.


Right – you pesky mousie types. WHERE’S MY SALAD?????


No one plays fast and loose with my grub without there being major repercussions.

Best talk fast, Mousies, the tide is coming in.


Whaddya mean – cruelty to Mousies?!

Do you really think Sir Plantagenet Big Mouse would let them come to any harm?!


Oh, I ate it all up did I? I knew that. I was just, err, just checking.

Ahhhmmm – moving swiftly on . . .


Wow Buster – you’ve found a lovely cool rock pool. That does look very inviting.


Hummph – Mummy usually gives me a helping hand in these tricky getting in to water situations.


Buster – you should be looking away when a Lady is getting in to her bath, don’t you know.


Gently does it. Smashing!


There we are – nothing to it. What was all that fuss about?


I hope I don’t have to have a nail trim too!


Muuuuuummmmmy – get me out of here NOW – I need a wee!


Just time for a vigorous rub down.

What’s that awful noise? Oh NO – The Rev Mr Bear is having a sing song.


That was fun. Time for another relax.


What’s that Angela ‘Fairy’ Mouse? You want a memento of our super Holiday.


Well here’s a perfect way to remember our perfect holiday.

Everyone say ‘SALAD’!