Oh, We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside – Episode 2

Meanwhile – back at the beach.


SQUEAK – Sssssh, keep the noise down chaps and chapesses. We don’t want to rouse the ‘sleeping beauty’ from her slumbers just yet, do we?


Asleep? Moi? Oh no . . . I was just resting my eyes a bit.


Now where was I? Oh yes, time for some organised Fairy-Fun and games.


The Rev Mr Bear wins the ‘Deckchair sitting-on’ competition with another personal best.


Well, that’s enough ‘fun and games’ malarkey for the moment – it’s time for a huge slap-up pignic. Hope it’s not sand-wiches!


‘Tis a well known fact . . . munch . . . that food tastes even better when . . . chomp . . . eaten out of doors.


Hummmph – just a moment, is this all there is? I thought Mummy was joking when she mentioned the ‘diet’ word. Looks like a case of Salad Distribution Malfunction to me.


Goodness that was close – watch-out for low flying seagulls everyone!


Excuse me Primrose ma’am – you couldn’t send one of your flunky type mousies to the nearest ‘All things Bright & Munchable’ Food Emporium for a hearty top-up or two could you?


The main problem with all this jolly holiday spirit is that people loose all their inhibitions and begin to act out of character. Not that you would notice any differences in Monty and Minty, hehe!


Marigold!!!!! Put the Rev Mr Bear’s sherry down. Oh you already have!


Right, that’s it! Time for a little ‘Life on the Ocean Wave’ type activity to take everyone’s mind off the Sherry.


Yes Sir, I do appreciate that it might be a little futile in the Rev Mr Bear’s case.


Luckily his recovery rate is very rapid these days.


Woo Hoo – ‘We are sailing. We are sailing . . .’


. . . and the winner of the ‘Most Mousies crammed into a boat Award’ goes to . . .


MEEEEE! Well, who do you think stuffed them all in there?


Budge-up Marigold – time to play Pirates.

Avast m’hearties, shivver m’timbers, standby to board and other swashbuckling type utterances.


SQUEAK – while Fairy tries to make Marigold walk the plank – we’re taking Mr Bear to the Sherry Shop for a swift top-up.


Episode 3, The Finale, is HERE!

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  1. Hellooo Fairy xx… Episode 2 is fab!…. Particularly love the mousies lying on li lo’s in the ‘sea’, Marigold with her nose in the sherry glass & Rev Ted lying flat out on his li lo – What a wonderful time you’ve all had.. My Rosie & Poppet have had a nice cool dip today – they had a paddle in the bath! Lol..
    Take care Fairy.. with love xxx 🙂

  2. MARIGOLD?! Nevah! We had our dubloons on Monty…now we’re all in a dither, this revelation…although love her towel cover-up, quite brilliant and we do still get laughs about those mousie beach slippers and although the herd has more to “get in” on here we had to say this is a side of Marigold we never knew, now a good lesson to young Peter-Peanut and getting crushes on exotic piggessessesss before he knows the REAL TRUTH BEHIND THE OBJECT OF HIS AFFECTION! Marigold…who knew? We…we…was it Mr. Bear leading her into it? We’ll return once the shock’s worn off…promise! Cheerio, FAB POST!!!

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