Jolly Boating Weather, ma’am!

Greetings my loyal subjects.

Apparently there are lots of Street Parties and everything in the UK today – Β are Roads and Motorways invited too?

There is also a huge flotilla of boats type pageant extravaganza going on down the River Thames in London town.

All this festivity must be to do with MY upcoming Birthday. But all is not well. HRH The Queen and Prince Philip were invited on to my luxurious Barge to view proceedings and I can’t see them anywhere.

Oh I see – how thoughtful of Her Majesty – she didn’t want me to think she was muscling-in on ones big day.

As if anyone could outshine Fairy indeed? The very idea! She isn’t even wearing a proper crown.

Phew – all this pageantry is very hungry making – now who said something about there being cucumber sandwiches?

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  1. Oh Fairy, How the Queen must envy you! And how gracious you are to invite her to Your Very Special Flotilla to kick off Birthday Month now that you will be Three! Your Crown dazzles, as do you, and she is one lucky queen to be one of Your Royal Subjects! We are having so much fun preparing for Your Birthday we have decided it shall last Until our paratroop into OlympiG Stadium in the ample pockets of 007 Daniel Craig’s paratrooper Suit after he receives his orders from HRM after which time we shall begin preparations for whosoever’s birthday comes next?! Oh, do tell! Squeeeeee, you look SO ROYAL!

  2. Lovely to see you, Fairy – on your very regal barge.. I also notice some of your subjects too (those pesky mousies, lol) xx πŸ™‚

  3. Oh my! YumYum, is that really you? How I have missed you, my sweet!
    Thank you so much for dropping by on this rightly regal and royal occasion, one is always so pleased to hear from an old friend.
    Doing my best *waves* and sending loads ‘o’ love! xxx

    Yes, Auntie Debra, those pesky mousies DID manage to sneak into my barge. Don’t worry though, they didn’t eat ones snackettes! xxx

  4. One’s snackettes are VERY important, Fairy! πŸ™‚ .. I did forget to mention in my previous post, how beautiful your crown was.. I must admit to enjoying looking at your ‘Jubilee’ pics, far more interesting than the actual Thames procession! (which me & the girls thought was boring) xx πŸ™‚

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