Train Your Deckchair!

Those of you that read my holiday investigation series a few days ago will know, after careful sizing up the facts and what not, I opted for the Lazy Days Holiday.

Having a little snoop around the internet I found this advert for Training Your Deckchair.

Get me booked in, Mum! And just in case the piggy portions provided are not ample, I’d better take my munch-box along too!

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  1. guinea pigs are very special creatures …
    because they fell from heaven …
    to spread the joy across the land …
    with their infectious sound – called ‘wheeking’ ….

    sweet fairy !
    you’re looking forward to your holidays …
    to chill out …. to get spoiled ….
    to hang around …. at the deckchair !!!!
    you are right …..
    but …. where are marigold, your mummy and daddy ….
    in the meantime ?
    not a long way off, I think !

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