Fairy Plans Her Hols!

Well, what do we have here then?

It appears to be my very own Piglet-sized Mum and Dad lolling about on the beach with the infamous Great, Great Auntie Mavis pawed with her bucket and spade.

Looks like fun!

It reminds me it’s time yours truly (that’s ME) should decide where to take my yearly sabbatical.

Coincidentally, a great dollop of Holiday Magazines just happened to plop through my post box this very morning!

It’s enough to give you a headache sorting through this little lot.

Copter-Carriers, Cavy-Camp, The Fairy-Ferry, Boat Trips with On Board Salads, MWA – Pigs Might Fly!

What a lot of choices!

DAD?! Jolly well get over here and give me a hand, can you? A nice, scrtichy hand, please.

Oh-HO! I am tempted by the apres ski salad, and that super-speedy-ski-pig looks just like our Marigold. They must be very strong skis!

It’s all very well but won’t I get lost in all that snow, being so white and snowflaky myself?

Besides all that, I fancy something a bit sunnier.

No, no, no . . . that Ski-Wheek is no good at all!

Cavy-Camp! It’s got the sun, sea and sand, but what’s all this PICK YOUR OWN nonsense? When I am on my hols I expect to be waited on paw and foot (just like being at home then).

What does it say, ‘with free creche for your humans’? No thank you, my humans won’t be accompanying me, cramping my style and probably getting in the way. NO! No good!

Now then, Salad Patch Tours looks promising.

The Pig-Bus with Comfort Assured – well, that little piggy on the brochure looks very comforted I must say.

It’s all very well, but it’s only got ONE TITCHY STAR.

No! It isn’t any good either!

Hold your piggies a pop-corning minute, what’s this one?

Lazy Ways Holidays . . . this could be just the thing.

It says here that Mices Come FREE, Dad!

What do you reckon?

And look here, there’s FREE deckchair hire too.

Well, you really can’t go wrong, can you?

Book us in for a wheek!

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  1. What wonderful holiday brochures, Fairy! I’m sure you deserve a good break! By the way, Harriet and the gang say that you’re more than welcome to have a holiday with them if you want, they say it’s not a bad hotel here – whenever you squeak, your own personal servant rushes to attend you with a bowl of gourmet hand-cut grass, with dandelion trimmings! Isn’t being a guinea pig just one long holiday anyway?! (What’s that squeaky chorus – oh, I see, apparently I just don’t understand all the hard work that is involved in eating and looking cute all day!)

  2. That’s very kind of you, Harriet and the gang, but . . . and I know I should expect so much, but can you guarantee sun, sand and industrial quantities of salad for our hols? No! Thought not! We must have ALL THREE otherwise . . . well, that is what we must have, that is all I am saying on the subject. fairy x

  3. Ha, you’ve given my lot ideas now Fairy – they’re clamouring for holiday brochures of their own! Not sure I can afford that sort of 4 star luxury!
    We’re eagerly awaiting, in due course, the story of your summer hols – complete with pesky mices no doubt – I’m sure it will all be very exciting! But fancy saying that your poor old mummy and daddy would cramp your style!

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