There’s A Squirrel IN MY BED!

Hello, hello and hello thrice!

My eyesight might not be all that spot on . . . but isn’t that a . . .


SQUIRREL getting into MY BED?


I am NOT telling tales, honestly.


You needn’t look at ME like that. And you can stop shaking your bushy tail at me, Mr Squirrel.


I am not sitting for this – an interloper in MY garden.

Hum . . . I think I have a plan.


That’s it, Mr Furry-Features, just sit still while I . . .


Take aim . . . and . . . where’s he gone?



Ha! That scared him right off!


Just call me Fairy-The-Brave from now on, if you don’t mind.

Psst! Don’t worry, my cannon wasn’t even loaded!


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    Whisky, frisky,
    Hippity hop;
    Up he goes
    To the tree top!

    Whirly, twirly,
    Round and round,
    Down he scampers
    To the ground.

    Furly, curly
    What a tail!
    Tall as a feather
    Broad as a sail!

    Where’s his supper?
    In the shell …
    or Fairy’s Bed ?
    Snappity, crackity,
    Out it fell.
    OH NO !!!!


    which lovely pictures …. thank you !
    meeri fairy and the little squirrel ….
    simply wonderful.
    blooming flowers around you ….
    and blessed and lucky little friends.

  2. Oh my! We LOVE your poem, Ingrid!
    Thank YOU:))

  3. Look out Fairy, the squirrel is after your salad! Or maybe it just wants to share a nut or two!!

    What a cheeky squirrel and what a beautiful Fairy sitting amongst the pink flowers 🙂


  4. As you had such a lovely poem from Ingrid I thought I’d attach one for you to read…

  5. Oh-ho! We LOVE that poem too, Alimouse! It is SO fairy, it really is! Thank you!!

  6. What a naughty squirrel!.. He should use his own bed & not try to pinch yours x 🙂

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