Monthly Archives: February 2012

Gifts Galore From Across The Globe!

What’s this then?
Hummmph – Looks like someone has written this card all upside-down.

Muuuuuuummmy – come quick – can you read upside-down writing????

Oooooooh – this looks like a super hooper dooper Auntie Serena Calender. What a wonderful way to count the days until the Piggolympics Event of The Year  (officially known as the Olympigs).

Wow – and a beautious, fully working bookmark device.

Goodness me – it’s an extra special card covered in Piggy Pin-ups.

The ribbon is very tasteful – nomm, nomm, burp, pardon!

Ha – fooled you Daddy – I didn’t really eat all of the ribbon – I was just stringing you along!

What lucky people my Mummy and Daddy are – to have lovely, talented and generous friends like Seeliixyue.

Thank you very much indeed, Auntie Sere and your brother, Uncle Felix xxx