My Pair Of Scritchy-Scratcher-Daddy-Stand-In’s Come In Useful!

My Daddy has left home! Don’t worry, it’s only for two days and while I am not one to complain, much, there are times when I just need a jolly good scritch.

Remember these? My patented, shiny new invention was just the job when I was Daddy-less last time.

They are just the right pudginess, look. Let’s get them revved up, Mummy, I am all ready for action.

Ooooh! Ahhhh! Just the ticket!

I think this must be my best invention ever!
You don’t need a real-life Daddy when you’ve got a set of my patented, all programmable, super-de-luxe-scritchy-scratchers!

Err . . . . will Daddy be long? I am missing him like piggy-o!

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