Frosty The Snowmouse!

Squeak! Squeak! Errrrr – Auntie Fairy – it looks like Mummy has forgotten to dust the garden this morning – either that or she’s been baking and has run amok with the icing sugar!

Don’t be silly little mousey types – it’s been snowing. Go on, off you go and explore.

Wowee – this snow stuff is brilliant! Cool!!!

Is his Lordship Mr Lord Plantagenet coming to play too? Just a minute – is that him over yonder?

Goodness – he must have been here a long time and got all snowed over.

Shall we take some of this snow back inside so Fairy can join in a snowball fight? Mummy wouldn’t let her play outside today in case she got all lost in the snow, what with being so bright-white herself. Mind you, if you told her it was food – she’d soon eat herself to safety!

Well my little mousey type kiddies, did you enjoy your first taste of snow?

What did I say????




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  1. WE LOVE YOU …. FAIRY ….
    MARIGOLD …..
    THE MICE …

    Ingrid and The Meeris ….
    and Helmut and All the Others here at our home.

  2. Those mousies look like quite a handful, Fairy…. I do love the Snowmouse xx 🙂

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