Fairy has a Marmalade Related Paddington!

Mummy has been telling me lately that I must be very careful not to get into a Jam – she didn’t say anything about Marmalade though!

Ha! Fooled you! I’m not getting all sticky in here, but according to Mummy, it is Marmalade making time!
These super-duper oranges are only available early in the year. Apparently they make the orangiest, scrummiest fruitiest tasting Marmalade ever! Oh what joy! Hummmph, it would probably taste a lot better if it were made from cucumbers and lettuce – if you ask me! Oh, and another thing . . .

Err Daddy – what exactly is that Bear type interloper doing on MY marmalade label, I ask you?

Right! That’s it! Get me out of here – this minute. Having to smile sweetly and pontificate on yucky ‘Oranges’ is one thing – but having a soppy Bear in a Duffel coat and ill-fitting hat trying to muscle in on MY Blog is quite another.

And don’t think you can get round me with cuddles and scritches – ooooh, down a bit, left a bit – smashing!

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  1. FAIRY, MY DEAR, even from across the pond you have definitely won your fair share…didn’t see your Dad scritchy-scratching any Paddington Bears
    but – and you know how much I don’t want to point this out – but your Dad outsmarted your witty banter just finding your favorite scritchy-scratchy places! All in all, and speaking as a RECIPIENT OF AFOREMENTIONED MARMALADE sent lovingly to us halfway round the world, we ALL GOT THE BEST OF IT, eh?
    Your Raj
    P.S. Hope your mum feels better soon!

  2. sweet marmalade-fairy ….
    WE HERE IN GERMANY … we know what you’re on about !
    what a wonderful tasty and delicious ‘sunshine in a jar’ you’ve sent to us !
    with every toast and seville-marmalade you are WITH US.

    thank you thank you thank you – little lady !
    warmest hugs AND love for you AND your mummy and daddy …. :-)))
    ingrid and the 8 meeris

  3. ooooooooooooohhhh !
    I forgot to say: EVERY meeri is ‘open to bribery’ …
    with CUDDLES and tender loving care … hahaha ….. ;-)))
    and I forgot to say …. the warmest hugs and the love
    is for marigold too … of course !!!! ohmyohmy …. I am so sorry.

  4. You are a beautiful, precious little treasure. I just found your blog… so i vill follow your adventure. A big hug from me and a loudly “oink” from two little piggy`s in sweden 🙂

  5. Sorry… i just found out that piggi`s dont say oink they say squeak. =) Tinna

  6. Hello there, Tinna, and welcome to my blog. It was jolly nice of you to drop by and leave a message all the way from Sweden! My MUM says we ‘wheek’ . . . and wheek and wheek and wheek, especially when it is lunch time or tea time or supper time or snack time or hay time or snackette time . . . we just WHEEK and MUM comes running with the snacks!

    Hello Auntie Ingrid,
    Marigold KNEW you meant her too – and anyway, I shared MY hugs and cuddles with her! Love, Fairy xx

    Oh and hello, dearest Raj . . . we all want to send the most finest love we can and hope you feel better today. Keep fighting. Special cuddles and magic-wishes coming YOUR way, Fairy xxxxxxx

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