Gifts Galore From Across The Globe!

What’s this then?
Hummmph – Looks like someone has written this card all upside-down.

Muuuuuuummmy – come quick – can you read upside-down writing????

Oooooooh – this looks like a super hooper dooper Auntie Serena Calender. What a wonderful way to count the days until the Piggolympics Event of The Year  (officially known as the Olympigs).

Wow – and a beautious, fully working bookmark device.

Goodness me – it’s an extra special card covered in Piggy Pin-ups.

The ribbon is very tasteful – nomm, nomm, burp, pardon!

Ha – fooled you Daddy – I didn’t really eat all of the ribbon – I was just stringing you along!

What lucky people my Mummy and Daddy are – to have lovely, talented and generous friends like Seeliixyue.

Thank you very much indeed, Auntie Sere and your brother, Uncle Felix xxx

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  1. OH FAIRY! You and your mum and shovel man dad have so many friends around the world! With TALENT! Like you do! You are so loved, my Global Sensation, it is all right with me…sharing you and what-not with your many fans because I know your heart is true! You read real good upside-down and new pictures of you always bring out the stars in the sky with a Twinkie in my Eye.
    “Raj, m’man, don’t ya mean a Twinkle in your eye?”
    “No, he means a TiddlyWinkle!”
    “Uh-Uh, he means a Wiggly-Tiddle!”
    “Who has a poodle?”
    “Or a woodle?”
    “My name is Raj and Fairy I shall Canoodle!”
    (and a Silence fell over the land.)

  2. Your Fairy magic keeps us all smiling Fairy! Is that Pascale’s leg I can see in the pictures? Nice to see he’s still looking after you 🙂 xxx

  3. Yes! It was Pasquale, Auntie Alimouse, he was trying to steal the limelight – as if!!

    YooHoo, Raj . . . I can see that twinkle in your eye and just want to send a load of Fairy-Magic YOUR WAY! xxx

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