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Fairy’s Marmalade Get Top Award – With Special Guest Appearance!

Welcome to Fairy’s Marvellous Magical Marmalade Factory

Hello my adoring fans and other people. I’m glad you could join me on this historic day in Fairy’s Fruitery. We have been selected by a very important group of Magical Marmalade big-wigs to be visited by an even more important celebrity type someone for possible inclusion in a world famous Marmalade Guide or Brownie or something equally grand. Oh joy!

I had better start rehearsing my welcome speech.

Ahem . . . you must be highly honoured for me to deign to accept this stupendous award . . .

What was that? I haven’t been awarded anything yet? Ooooops! Maybe we ought to get properly prepared for the inspection and all that.

Right, Mr Foreman Bear. I want you to try and keep your pesky mousie type helpers under control. I run a tight ship here and everyone has to look as if they know what’s what. Oh, and there’s no need to keep testing the Whisky Marmalade is there?

What was that noise?????

Ooooooh, errrr, I think the very important celebrity superstar type inspector has arrived.

Nervous? Me? Don’t be silly, I am performing a welcoming tap-dance with my knees.

Oh my ears and whiskers, it’s only that marvellous marmalade munching miracle – Mr Paddington, all the way from deepest, darkest Appleby!

Oh do come in your highness, take off your boots and make your self at home.

Please feel free to start your inspection whenever you want to. Oh, you have started already have you?

Squeak Squeek – Oh for goodness sake you two, come on stop messing about – stand up straight!

Squeak Squeak – One day I want to be big enough to fill Paddington’s shoes!

Oh the un-bearable tension! I don’t care for all this deliberating malarkey.

Oh my – I think he must have finished – he’s coming over ( and about time too – I’m feeling distinctly peckish!)

Oh thank goodness – not only have we been accepted into the special book type thingy – I have been awarded Three Spare Tyre Awards!

Well done everyone – Three cheers for Fairy!
Hip, hip, hooray!

And if that wasn’t honour enough – Fairy’s Magical Marmalade has received the highest accolade of preserve making achievement ever –

Paddington’s own ‘Official Seal of Approval’!

Very nice I’m sure – but not quite as good as Mummy’s special salad snacks. Bye now Paddington – off you go – I’m not sure this blog has room for two such inter galactic super egos. Anyway all that chest fur reminds me it’s almost time for my Daddy cuddle!

Daddy Is Home With A Handy Gift For ME!

Daddy is back home, safe and sound and all ready to administer to ME, dishing out his super-cuddles like there’s no tomorrow.

AND he brought GIFTS for those deserving of them.

That will be ME then . . . . a jolly red bag filled with a Fairy-treat, no doubt.

That’s handy!

Well, this is just fine and dandy, daddy. A revolutionary new Scritchy-Scratchy-Back-Rub-Upz-Extradordinaire!

There’s just one thing missing . . .

That’s better! A Daddy-Cuddle and a session with the Back-Rub-Upz.

Could life get any better?

My Pair Of Scritchy-Scratcher-Daddy-Stand-In’s Come In Useful!

My Daddy has left home! Don’t worry, it’s only for two days and while I am not one to complain, much, there are times when I just need a jolly good scritch.

Remember these? My patented, shiny new invention was just the job when I was Daddy-less last time.

They are just the right pudginess, look. Let’s get them revved up, Mummy, I am all ready for action.

Ooooh! Ahhhh! Just the ticket!

I think this must be my best invention ever!
You don’t need a real-life Daddy when you’ve got a set of my patented, all programmable, super-de-luxe-scritchy-scratchers!

Err . . . . will Daddy be long? I am missing him like piggy-o!

Frosty The Snowmouse!

Squeak! Squeak! Errrrr – Auntie Fairy – it looks like Mummy has forgotten to dust the garden this morning – either that or she’s been baking and has run amok with the icing sugar!

Don’t be silly little mousey types – it’s been snowing. Go on, off you go and explore.

Wowee – this snow stuff is brilliant! Cool!!!

Is his Lordship Mr Lord Plantagenet coming to play too? Just a minute – is that him over yonder?

Goodness – he must have been here a long time and got all snowed over.

Shall we take some of this snow back inside so Fairy can join in a snowball fight? Mummy wouldn’t let her play outside today in case she got all lost in the snow, what with being so bright-white herself. Mind you, if you told her it was food – she’d soon eat herself to safety!

Well my little mousey type kiddies, did you enjoy your first taste of snow?

What did I say????




Fairy has a Marmalade Related Paddington!

Mummy has been telling me lately that I must be very careful not to get into a Jam – she didn’t say anything about Marmalade though!

Ha! Fooled you! I’m not getting all sticky in here, but according to Mummy, it is Marmalade making time!
These super-duper oranges are only available early in the year. Apparently they make the orangiest, scrummiest fruitiest tasting Marmalade ever! Oh what joy! Hummmph, it would probably taste a lot better if it were made from cucumbers and lettuce – if you ask me! Oh, and another thing . . .

Err Daddy – what exactly is that Bear type interloper doing on MY marmalade label, I ask you?

Right! That’s it! Get me out of here – this minute. Having to smile sweetly and pontificate on yucky ‘Oranges’ is one thing – but having a soppy Bear in a Duffel coat and ill-fitting hat trying to muscle in on MY Blog is quite another.

And don’t think you can get round me with cuddles and scritches – ooooh, down a bit, left a bit – smashing!

Gifts Galore From Across The Globe!

What’s this then?
Hummmph – Looks like someone has written this card all upside-down.

Muuuuuuummmy – come quick – can you read upside-down writing????

Oooooooh – this looks like a super hooper dooper Auntie Serena Calender. What a wonderful way to count the days until the Piggolympics Event of The Year  (officially known as the Olympigs).

Wow – and a beautious, fully working bookmark device.

Goodness me – it’s an extra special card covered in Piggy Pin-ups.

The ribbon is very tasteful – nomm, nomm, burp, pardon!

Ha – fooled you Daddy – I didn’t really eat all of the ribbon – I was just stringing you along!

What lucky people my Mummy and Daddy are – to have lovely, talented and generous friends like Seeliixyue.

Thank you very much indeed, Auntie Sere and your brother, Uncle Felix xxx