Fairy’s Fickle Tips For Successful Fondles!

Being a connoisseur of cuddles and ear rubs I wish to present how you too can get the best out of your human.

First off, get yourself all comfy and cosy and flopped.

In this example I make sure my daddy’s left paw is suitably placed to make a perfect resting place for my front toes.

Now then, Daddy, I’ll have some nice ear-rubs, head-top strokes and chin-chuckles, please.

Ready when you are!

10 minutes later . . . . that’s perfect! Daddy, you really ARE the best!

There you have it. Follow my guide carefully and with plenty of practice you too will soon have a fully trained human.

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  1. “Fortunately, we find humans are fairly easy to train, although they can be surprisingly dense at times. We think we have ours wrapped around our little paws – but a little more promptness when it comes to dishing up the grub would be appreciated please!” -Harriet, Milly and Ivy

    What, don’t I get a say in this! Don’t tell me they’ve learned how to use the computer now, as well! I think Fairy must be their heroine! Harriet particularly loves her snuggles, and chirrups all the time. Ivy is the baby – after a brief cuddle, she is off mountaineering up our arms – it’s all so exciting!

  2. Hello there, Harriet, Milly and Ivy, and what lovely names you have if you don’t mind me saying. It sounds like you DO have your humans fairly well trained up! Thanks for dropping by, Fairy x

  3. Dear Fairy, Oh well aren’t you the bees knees?! We have our human well-trained but not as well-trained as you have so demonstrably demonstrated here! Would you mind our publication of a “How To Train
    Your Human?” hardback book for us to read, eat to leave no evidence
    behind, then commence training? (so it must be published on romaine
    lettuce leaves…what a lovely human you have, Fairy! Well done! Well done!
    Your Very Own Adoring,
    Raj Mahal

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