All At Sea!

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  1. Oh, poor Marigold – as far as food is concerned, it’s each pig for herself!

  2. oh sweet FAIRY ….
    you are a cute SCHLAWINER (smooth-operator) …..
    and a little rascal ……
    ohohoh !!! poor dear marigold …..
    she looks so …. cucumberless ….. ;-)))

  3. Haha! She IS cucumberless, Ingrid! Naughty Fairy!

    Hello, Katherine! Don’t worry, Marigold hasn’t stopped eating for the last hour . . . well, TWO hours!

  4. Is my true love Fairy really a “closet hooligan pirate” hiding beneath
    the refined exterior of her feminine beauty and peckish wiles? I find
    that SO ATTRACTIVE! But, Marigold, I feel your pain! Taj does the same
    exact thing to me then smiles. Perhaps if Fairy finds Taj’s outlaw
    tongue so attractive we could compare notes over a cup of freshly
    grated carrots? (think about it?)

  5. Dear Raj, Ahoy matey and all that nonsense, it is Pirate-Me here, your Fairy-one, your beloved! How are you and how is that ‘other one’, whats-his-name . . . .errum . . . . oh yes, I remember – TAJ? With his new found fame I expect life is hectic what with public-piggy appearances and what-not. Anyway, me proud beauty (more Pirate-speak) I am sending YOU my love – not that other one (well . . . . maybe a teensie bit!). Fairy x

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