I’m Dreaming . . . of Taj Mahal!

See more of Taj Mahal and his lovely family!

Guinea Pig Magazine – out today!

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  1. AWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwww, Fairy, I’m blushing, you going all Gush over me…thing is, in your dreams you are mistaking me for my Pirate-fame-seeking, attention-grabbing-celebrity-seeking brother, Taj, an innocent mistake ANYONE could make, we all understand…cuz we know you are dreaming of me! How? Cuz we gots the BESTest EVER email from you; just mum having a “poorly mum” day so I gonna write more tomorrow, hopefully, except unless the BIG BLIZZARD that is keeping Edwin here KEEPS HIM HERE LONGER because some mischief being caused due to his refrigerator-opening, bag-rustling, Squeeeez that get us all up and goin’ and keeps poorly mum wakin’ up…(you don’t WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS THEN!) love you, Fairy, love you and Marigold, your mum and shovel-Dad, and sweet dreams. OF ME!

  2. two meeri-hearts in love !
    you both ‘sweeties’ make a good couple ! ;-))

    bussi bussi …

  3. Oh Raj, I know YOU still have a special place in Fairy’s big heart but there’s a spare bit of space for Taj too now he is FAMOUS!
    Keep yourselves cozy, nasty blizzard:(

    They DO make a lovely couple, Ingrid, I agree:)

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