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Fairy’s Fickle Tips For Successful Fondles!

Being a connoisseur of cuddles and ear rubs I wish to present how you too can get the best out of your human.

First off, get yourself all comfy and cosy and flopped.

In this example I make sure my daddy’s left paw is suitably placed to make a perfect resting place for my front toes.

Now then, Daddy, I’ll have some nice ear-rubs, head-top strokes and chin-chuckles, please.

Ready when you are!

10 minutes later . . . . that’s perfect! Daddy, you really ARE the best!

There you have it. Follow my guide carefully and with plenty of practice you too will soon have a fully trained human.

All At Sea!

Get A Grip, Daddy!

I’m Dreaming . . . of Taj Mahal!

See more of Taj Mahal and his lovely family!

Guinea Pig Magazine – out today!

Our Dear Mariella

Our beautiful Princess, Mariella, passed away unexpectedly yesterday.

My best friend . . .

And bravest passenger . . .

My ‘copter-snitcher . . . but I didn’t mind!

The best Birthday guest ever!

And always there to test the latest ‘topper’ . . .

Our Princess . . .

September 2009 – January 6 2012
I feel honoured to have had such a wonderful sister and friend.
We will never forget you, Mariella, you will always have a place in our hearts . . . good-night – we love you.

Today Is A Very Important Day!