Fairy Gets Resolute!

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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR, sweet fairy !
    HAPPY NEW YEAR, cute mariella !
    HAPPY NEW YEAR, lovely marigold !
    and …
    HAPPY NEW YEAR for your mummy and daddy !
    HAPPY NEW YEAR, mr. bear …. and all the mice …
    HAPPY NEW YEAR for all your friends !

    cuddles and love ….
    ingrid and 10 meeris, 4 bunnies …
    2 dogs, 3 cats and the fishes …. :-)))

    a cheer for a wonderful, healthy, happy and smashing 2012 !

  2. We wish you a happy new year and many more after 🙂
    Tomas, Stumpan, Niña and Maritza piggies at
    Kringelkroken (transl: Around the winding)

  3. Happy New Year to you all! Mr Bear you are very funny 🙂 xxx

  4. Oooh! happy NEW YEAR to YOU too, Auntie Alimouse! I will let Mr Bear know you think he is very funny, when he gets over his headache!
    Lots of Fairy-Wishes, Fairy xxx

    And Happy New Year to you and to all your furry-family too, Auntie Ingrid and I LOVED your poem!
    And to you too, Kringelkroken, I am so happy you called by! xxx

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