Fairy’s Christmas Musical Interlude!

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  1. servus musical fairy !


    Music is what makes you move
    Music is what makes you groove
    Music can be good or bad depending on how its used
    Music can make you choose different clothes to wear
    Music can make you change your hair
    Music can make you choose new friends
    Music can make you want to dance
    Music can make you fight
    Music can make everything alright
    Music can take care of you when your alone
    Music can make everything feel like home
    Music can harm and take away
    Music can make you want to stay
    Music is the only friend I have
    Music is my mom and dad
    Music is what keeps me alive
    When I feel like I can’t survive

    -jackrabbit krjs-


    which lovely pictures with YOU …
    and the fluffy meeri-she-or-he-or-it ;-)))
    tralalalala … sing a song ….
    and be happy !!!!! :-)))

    have a very nice time …. you and YOURS !!!
    ingrid and pigs.

  2. Fairy, You and Wen have never made us smile this much, mum says if we smile any bigger it gonna break our heads in half but she is too, so we say “Mum, if YOU smile any harder…” She says to us “These are the cutest pictures of Fairy yet and that’s impossible yet there it is, possible, now THAT’S SOME VERY FAIRY HOLIDAY MAGIC!” And we were happy. And we were glad Wen was their to sing along, too~!

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