And Finally . . . Christmas is HERE!

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  1. FAIRY! HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO YOU, TOO! Guess how we celebrated? Mum’s best friend, Susan, drove up from Seattle to have a girly lunch and scenic drive in the afternoon. Had some catching up to do, but that could wait for the Sunday drive…FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS was “show and tell” so mum and Susan sat on mum’s bed with Calvin in HIS special bed as witness and so he could have his first Christmas with all of us and then mum brought out the three boxes of Fairy Magic! She had re-wrapped them (except the shovel!) because they just made her feel so loved she wasn’t ready to really KEEP THEM OUT (except the shovel!) so she slowly unwrapped each one of your boxes as if for the Very First Time on Christmas Day and Susan couldn’t believe how much Fairy Magic sparkled like the stars every time something new and wonderful (and forgotten, mum has NO memory, so it was like opening all your boxes for the very first time (except the shovel!) and they both sat there, even with fairy wrapping paper, going “Do you BELIEVE THIS?” AND even took Bindi out of her box, too! Also, every time mum does this she discovers something NEW as if just seeing it for the very first time! We all had a VERY FAIRY CHRISTMAS! Now, one small note about the shovel…mum had called the local natural food co-op DAYS AGO to reserve a vegan pumpkin pie but when she arrived last night…they could not find it and determined they had sold it by mistake. So, mum finally put the shovel back, but they enjoyed small apples caramel pie and pasta just nothing but pumpkin pie good enough for the shovel! And each one of us received fabric hay troughs, and new plush tunnels and cuddle cups and for Christmas we each received our own square of fresh whEEk-grass, so we are fat and happy and only I am not 100% at peace missing you but we noticed how fragrant your boxes are and I am inching closer and closer to using your special “Bum wash” to be able to smell you every time I reach back there to eat one of the special ones…at least I will smell your smell eating my tasty poo…should I have stopped earlier? love, Raj

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