Oh Come All Ye Faithful . . . Mices!

Oh come all ye faithful (followers)! Joy to the world (of mice) – Fairy is come amongst you!
It’s time for my pre-Christmas address to the Fairy type nation.

Just a minute! Who are YOU then? Mr Robin? Hum . . . birds don’t eat salad do they? No? Oh well, you can stay seeing as you’re here. Sit still though, no fluttering or chirruping type annoyances.
Now where was I? Oh yes . . . it has been another truly magical year, with lots of spiffing adventures and everything.

Errr, it might be my imagination and I apologise for the interruption but I can’t help noticing we do seem to have a somewhat larger, multitudinous even, Mouse family than I remember. Have Peregrine and . . . what’s her name again . . . oh yes, Pandora, been errr, visiting the Adopt-A-Mouse Agency???? I expect they are very busy at this time of year finding jolly good homes for all those unwanted gift-mousies. So well done you two!

You newbies look like the Three Wise Mice!
I’m your Auntie Fairy. And I am IN CHARGE OF EVERYTHING particularly the fridge, so listen up and listen good – our job is to help spread peace, joy and goodwill to all living creatures. I know it’s a tough job – but we will do our best.

Right then, there isn’t much time so away you go and spread that good ol’ Fairy Magic – and don’t forget the salad.

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  1. We could all take a (salad) leaf out of your book and spread peace, joy and good will to all living creatures. What a star you are. Have a very happy Christmas Fairy and friends and thank you for making me smile during what has been quite a tough year xxx

  2. Thank you, Auntie Alimouse, we wish you a peaceful Christmastime, and we are so pleased we brought a smile to your face 🙂 x

    Dear Fairy, mum got out our OWN Mouse who not only popped out of her box, she even shimmied out from beneath her sleeping bag tonight and so, for the Very First Time, we saw her precious dress and sweater, seeing as how this be such a momentMOUSE occasion & all, and mum went and pulled out her SHOVEL! (?) Sorry, thought you’d be serving pie.
    We’re so happy we can post that now I’ve forgotten – OH, Fairy, NOW i’ve got it…about the Gorgeous Guineas Posh’n’Go Shampoo…well, now mum is plotting to shampoo me, trim my tail-feathers, and get me ready for Christmas by Cleaning Up Me for You! That’s why we let her get out her Shovel again…hoping for a distraction. So now, Calvin has to go get her another pumpkin pie else I’ll be all clean and sweet-smelling with no more mats in my bum…actually, that’s beginning to sound not so half-or-whole-bad, perhaps this Courtship IS changing me? Hmmm….We love you and our own mouse, her name is Bindi. Until mum forgets and gives her another name, love, your Raj!

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