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Fairy Gets Resolute!

Fairy’s Christmas Musical Interlude!

And Finally . . . Christmas is HERE!

Get Your Thinking Caps ON!

Here’s my 2011 Christmas Quiz.
Don’t go expecting any prizes but I WILL KNOW if you manage to finish it and then I will send some invisible Fairy-Magic-Wishes your way!

If you need a Piggy-Sized image, then nip over to Flickr!

Oh Come All Ye Faithful . . . Mices!

Oh come all ye faithful (followers)! Joy to the world (of mice) – Fairy is come amongst you!
It’s time for my pre-Christmas address to the Fairy type nation.

Just a minute! Who are YOU then? Mr Robin? Hum . . . birds don’t eat salad do they? No? Oh well, you can stay seeing as you’re here. Sit still though, no fluttering or chirruping type annoyances.
Now where was I? Oh yes . . . it has been another truly magical year, with lots of spiffing adventures and everything.

Errr, it might be my imagination and I apologise for the interruption but I can’t help noticing we do seem to have a somewhat larger, multitudinous even, Mouse family than I remember. Have Peregrine and . . . what’s her name again . . . oh yes, Pandora, been errr, visiting the Adopt-A-Mouse Agency???? I expect they are very busy at this time of year finding jolly good homes for all those unwanted gift-mousies. So well done you two!

You newbies look like the Three Wise Mice!
I’m your Auntie Fairy. And I am IN CHARGE OF EVERYTHING particularly the fridge, so listen up and listen good – our job is to help spread peace, joy and goodwill to all living creatures. I know it’s a tough job – but we will do our best.

Right then, there isn’t much time so away you go and spread that good ol’ Fairy Magic – and don’t forget the salad.

Santa’s Coming!

Right everyone, get snuggled in. Mummy says it’s not too long to go now before Santa will be nipping down our chimney (why he can’t use the door like everyone else is beyond me!), so we had better start to be all good and everything.
That’s it Mariella, get the sherry and mince pie all ready for Santa and his reindeer.

Just checking my Fairy-Fairy is all attached properly – perfect!

Oh, do sit still over there Marigold.
NO Mariella, you can NOT sample the sherry. I don’t care what Reverend Mr Bear says.

Lights out now and time for pre-Christmas sleeps . . .

Deck The Trees . . . With Fairies!

Ho ho ho and all that festive malarkey!
I am really getting into the Christmas spirit and today’s the big day – it’s time to get the jolly old tree up!

Looks like Mummy and Daddy have started without me – blooming cheek!

Very errr . . . . nice. Lacking a few salad related adornments some might say.

Are WHO is this, may I ask? Dad . . . . . DAAAAAADDY!

There’s a Mouse-Fairy stuck on top of your tree – she’s got wings and a STAR and EVERYTHING!

And there’s this shiny squirrel here . . . looks a bit nutty.

WOOF . . . . I said WOOF!. He looks a bit ruff!

It is all well and good having YOUR tree all decorated, but what about MY tree.

Tralala! It’s an Instant-Ready-To-Go-Fairy-Filled-Amazing-Pop-Up-Padded-Fairy-Fit-Tree complete with integral baubles and decorations and everything.

Actually, come to think of it . . . there seem to be a certain little something missing. I think we ALL know what it is.

That’s much better!

My very own Christmas Tree with ME in it and a real Fairy-Fairy on top all ready to work her Magic.
You know what this means? I will be issuing Double-Doses of Fairy-Magic this Christmas!

Thank you, Auntie Jenny, for not only the very BEST TREE EVER but also the FINEST FAIRY I ever did see!