‘Tis The Season . . .

Oh come all ye faithful, tra la – friends, new callers here for the very first time (and what took you so long, may I ask?) and my best, most Important New Best Friend,  Raj Mahal.

It is time to ready ourselves for that special time of the year once again. The day will soon be upon us when we drag a jolly little unsuspecting tree into the glamorous world of Fairy-Land and adorn its branches with twinkly lights and baubles. When the fridge will be full to bursting with shelves groaning under the weight of fresh salad and vegetable treats of the finest kind. Actually, come to think of it, no real change there. Anyway, where was I . . . and when we hang up our stockings knowing they will be filled to over flowing with a veritable cornucopia of piggy-treats.

Before all that malarkey though, I need to raid the jolly old piggy-bank.

I’ve been saving my fur-pocket money all year, depositing it for safe keeping under the watchful and Scrooge like eye of Mr Bear.

Mummmmmmmmy! Can someone come and give me a paw with this piggy-bank type thingy, please?

It’s all change!

I bet there will be a jolly tidy sum when we get it all added up – bring on the calculator Mr Santa Bear, looks like we are going to need it.


Lets see, what have we here then, 20p + 17p + £1.62 + err, about £32.01 that’s hummph . . . LOTS!!!!

Well that didn’t take too long, did it?

I am a very lucky little Piggy and have everything I need. And so do Marigold and Mariella.

This Christmas I want to try to make extra sure other less fortunate Piggies have a good life too. I’m going to send all my savings to Piggy Rescues.

If you’ve enjoyed my Stories and Tales this year, please don’t be sending me any presents or any such like, I would much rather that you too send a donation to help those Piggies that really need it. After all – that’s what Christmas Fairies are for.

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  1. servus dear little fairy !

    what a wonderful story again (and all the others before that) …
    you are a caring, thoughtful and unselfish piggy !
    simply great !
    sending you many wishes for a lovely ‘time before christmas’!
    a n d: YOU and MARIGOLD and MARIELLA are very lucky girls.
    all the best for you, your mummy and daddy and your piggie-friends !

    1000 german greetings
    ingrid and 10 guinea-pigs (also lucky ! 😉

  2. Have you got any particular piggy charities in mind Fairy? x

  3. Hello there, Auntie Alimouse! And a jolly Happy Christmastime to YOU!
    I seem to come across piggy charities and rescues when they pop up for some reason – maybe when they’ve collected up a load of poor piggies and need some help. I am also a big supporter of Thistle Cavies Rescue, I know all my pocket money sent to them will go to feed their piggies.
    I have a few listed on my Blog Page here:
    I hope that little lot helps 🙂

  4. How have we not come upon this post until this fateful night, Fairy? Your big, generous heart…and your mum and the shovel man and Marigold and Mariella…yes, all of you…we just found this, are we lost ALL THE TIME?! HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE. I JUST LOVE YOU MORE AND MORE,

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