Fairy Supervises Stir-Up Sunday!

Right-ho my people, grab your Pinnies, we are going to be very busy in the kitchen. Today is officially ‘Stir-Up Sunday’. The day when everyone who’s anyone bakes something tasty in anticipation of that far and distant date, Christmas day.

Before I go any further though, I am just a tad concerned you may have missed my now legendary ‘Fairy Tries Her Hand At Inventing‘ post. Make sure to have a good gander and be all suitably enthralled at just what a little madam I am. My Mummy is always saying that I am a ‘proper little madam’ and everything, so it must be true.

Have you donned your best baking Pinny?
Right then, let’s have a look in my trusty old cake-baking book of cakes.

Oh crumbs! This looks quite a complicated job. All those complicated eggs and flour and fruit type stuff.

Errr, Muuuuuummy, Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddy . . . can you come over here quickly – Please?
I might need to check that you can do this baking malarkey all properly.

That’s it Daddy! Get cracking with those eggs. Tee hee – did you see what I did there????

Mummy – hurry up over there and get that horrid whirrry thingy all buzzy – and be jolly quick about it!

Yes, that looks about right – all soft and creamy – yuk!

I thought this was supposed to be a fruitycake. Isn’t there a certain important ingredient type something missing?

Right – I’ll count the bits and you pour them in Daddy. 1, 2, 3, 19, 36, 12, 74, 21 . . . lots. Perfect!

Now for the all important ‘stir-up Sunday’ part. Where we all take a turn to stir and make a wish!

I Wish – ‘We could have a more sensible Christmas cake made from tasty salad, grass, hay and everything, not this muck!’

All we have to do now is sit patiently and wait while It gets all baked and ready type thing.

There we are, all done. It’s easy peasy when you know how!
Shall I cut you a slice to test it out, Daddy? Well, you will jolly well have to wait until Christmas Day – teehee!

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  1. Oh Fairy, in your egg box, you are so sweet – just like your cake. What a clever piggy you are, in the kitchen, keeping an eye on things. But – where is your ‘pinny’? We don’t want your fur getitng splashed!!!!!

  2. Oh Fairy, We KNEW you were up to something momentous and quite, er,
    monumental and also expected some inventing but THIS TAKES THE CAKE! How you supervised with such precision from your Tabernacle
    Above the Egg Carton, but where was YOUR pinny, dear? BTW, for those
    of us less cultured from Across the Pond, what IS a pinny? An apron? How can you NOT have one? So! How did it turn out? Did you play “Guess how
    many fruits we baked in here?” game? Did you win? Will you eat it now or
    really, really wait until Christmas? Our herd has a “NO WAITING FOR TREATS” POLICY passed by the Declaration of CavyPennance for the Liberation of Fruit tossers who linger about in the kitchen…if that makes no sense, can you say: “Meow?” Well, they live up in the City now but they taught us that Patience is not so much a virtue as a lack of leadership…on our part. That our slaves feel entitled to “take their time!” We think you know what we mean! Beautifully done, dear, but quite concerned that you may have some egg beneath a toenail…?

  3. Hello there, Raj,
    I forgot to come here and reply but I AM here now! And you are RIGHT – a PINNY really IS an APRON and I DO have one of my own – it is WHITE just like me!
    I fell asleep while counting those pesky little fruits! But when we cut the cake, on CHRISTMAS DAY, we will do a re count then.
    Thanks for calling by, Raj. BYE! Fairy x

  4. A lot of delicious food!!
    I’m fell so hungry.

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