Fairy In The Kitchen!

I am back! I went for a jolly long flight but I am here, safe and sound, on terra firma – well, actually I am perched atop a Quince at this exact moment –

Hey, Mum! What are we doing with these Quincey type fruits then?

Oh well, I did ask. Looks like my salad, all sliced up properly!

We made chutney – lots of chutney!

Now then, what shall we make next? A treat for mummy and daddy, for making lots of lovely salads for me!

Are the cakes ready yet? Hurry!

I am a salad-pig myself but even I could be tempted by these sticky fingers!

We’ve had a smashing day, busy in the kitchen, but it must be MY teatime now.

That’s it! I am fed and watered and now it is time to settle down to my favourite radio programme – Desert Island Salads!

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  1. servus little fairy !

    here you are again …. awfully long you were away.

    YOU in the kitchen …. what a funny time for you and … you are so busy …. and you lie down so … gracefully and cosy.
    all these wonderful ‘things you have made’ ….
    I wish I could be there … to enjoy all these goodies – if I were allowed ? ;-))

    cuddly greetings and a big bussi !
    ingrid and 9 guinea-piggies …..

    have a good time …. you and your mummy and daddy.

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