Everything In The Garden’s Perfect!

We have a problem.

In between snacking and snoozing, and snacking a bit more, all I keep hearing are mutterances about the garden.
The gist of it is, the long, cold winter killed a load of plants off.

Well, it isn’t a problem now! Mum! Look at all these nice new plants I’ve found for you.

Just pop them in where the gaps are and things will be as right as . . . as right as . . . err . . . HAY!
Look! This one is nice. Well, it IS pink so it must be ok.

Anyway, it isn’t all doom and gloom. I am sure there’s something good over yonder . . . can you prise me out? It is a bit of a snug fit in this plant tray. What do you mean, ‘my bottom’s too round’? Humph!

No! I didn’t mean this! It is far too YELLOW.

I was actually thinking about something a bit more GREEN.

Ahaha! This is much better. Who needs flowers when you can your teeth into some jolly decent grass?
Nom, nom, nom . . . . everything in the garden’s grassy – perfect!

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  1. Dear FlowerFairy …. (and Co.) !
    It’s so very freshening to see you in between all these pretty flowers and plants … it’s inspiring … and … I can’t help it: I will be creative:

    Flower, flower grow for me,
    Become a flower from a seed,
    Grow your roots and a stem,
    Let the water come right in.

    Flower, flower you are true,
    You make me happy when I am blue,
    You became a flower from a seed,
    You did all that just for me.

    Sending ‘flowering’ wishes and greetings …
    and a kiss for ‘Sweet Fairy’ and her Meeri-Friends and Family !

  2. Wonderful little flowerpig, you are so cute, helping your mom with her garden deeds.

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