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Happy Wedding Day!

Due to other engagements Fairy and the team couldn’t make the Royal Wedding. They wish the happy couple happiness, health and lots of salad and want to remind you of The Wedding of the Year and the Grand Wedding Reception last year!


What’s this then? And where’s the food, if you don’t mind me asking?

Pfhuff! It’s got funny little Fairies here and there, but they are not proper Fairies. We ALL know what a proper Fairy looks like.

‘scuse me! Anyone! What’s this for then? I think there has been a mistake.

Oh! OHHHH! LOOK at the BOTTOM! It is perfect!
FAIRYLAND! Oh my whiskers and paws!

I don’t mean to look smug . . . but when one has one’s very own label, well, one can afford to look very smug indeed!

Fairy’s Gone Potty!

Let me out NOW – this minute!
What’s all that noisy, squeaky fuss about, Marigold? There’s an awful lot of ‘language’ coming from somewhere!

There does seem to be rather a lot of noise.
Never mind. Lets just ignore it. Look – we are about to get our photo taken. Smile sweetly and say GRASS!

Oh PHEW! Yes! There WAS a lot of fuss and it was coming from poor little ME, Mariella!
Didn’t you KNOW I was trapped under that plant pot?

I almost missed getting MY photo taken.
Look here, Mummy, bring the camera thingy! I am ready for it!

No! You wouldn’t dare hide me again would you Marigold?

NO! NO! And thrice NO!

DADDY! Come and protect me! NOW!

Oh! there you are . . . about time.

All aboard!

Take me away from all this. They were going to put me under a nasty plant pot! Boo hoo, sniffe ETC.

What’s that Daddy? You wouldn’t let them?

Oh Daddy! My hero!
Actually – I knew they weren’t really – I just wanted an extra Daddy Cuddle!