Fairy’s Beautiful Pea-Green Boat!

Ahoy! I say! AHOY THERE!
Chocks away!
I am going to sail my my beautiful new boat on a voyage across the seas.

Errr . . . what do you mean, ‘I have to row’? Isn’t it powered by anything?
Well, I’ll soon see about that!

That’s it, Marigold – row, row, row the boat, and off we go!
That Marigold is very useful sometimes.

Oh no! Look at all that water . . . it’s coming in!

We’re filling up! It’s time to bail out!

Whe . . . where’s Fairy? She’s left me in a sinking ship.
Bail out, Marigold, swim for it . . . squeaks a little voice from the shore.

Phewee, back on my kitchen table now after all that excitement.
I think we will keep the boat moored here, then I can hop in and have a snooze whenever I like.

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  1. I love this blog! Beautiful photos and wonderful cavies! Thanks for such joyful reading!

  2. Oh thank you, marsvinmaffian! I hope you continue to enjoy Fairy’s tales and adventures!

  3. servus dear fairy and co. !
    its time to leave a comment again ….
    all these beautiful photos (in the boat ‘hooray and up she rises …’), this charming tales …
    and YOU and your pretty girls … you can be so lucky to live there in your beautiful and loving home, where you live!
    its always a pleasure to be here ….
    all the best, love and good wishes !
    ingrid – and the 11 bavarian ‘meeris’ !

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