Monthly Archives: March 2011

Fairy’s Beautiful Pea-Green Boat!

Ahoy! I say! AHOY THERE!
Chocks away!
I am going to sail my my beautiful new boat on a voyage across the seas.

Errr . . . what do you mean, ‘I have to row’? Isn’t it powered by anything?
Well, I’ll soon see about that!

That’s it, Marigold – row, row, row the boat, and off we go!
That Marigold is very useful sometimes.

Oh no! Look at all that water . . . it’s coming in!

We’re filling up! It’s time to bail out!

Whe . . . where’s Fairy? She’s left me in a sinking ship.
Bail out, Marigold, swim for it . . . squeaks a little voice from the shore.

Phewee, back on my kitchen table now after all that excitement.
I think we will keep the boat moored here, then I can hop in and have a snooze whenever I like.

Fairy’s New Bed!

Fairy . . . oh, Fairy! Wakey, wakey!

*blows gently on a Fairy-flap*

Oh crumbs! What does she want now . . . . fuff and fum!

I was just having a nice nap in my brand new, snuggly, buggly, cosy, dozy bed.
Oh hello! What! What do you want now . . .

Look here! Do you like my present? It’s from Fred_and_co you know. I like this flowery pattern.

It’s the first bed I have encountered with an integral sheep-like-fur pillow.
It makes a perfect chin rest . . . .

And look – it can also be put to good use as a hat!

What’s that? Speak up . . . oh! It would seem my gift is for ALL of us. Well, I will let Marigld and Mariella know . . . later . . . . . . tomorrow.

I know . . . I am just about to . . .

. . . . say THANK YOU, Auntie Fred! I love my . .. oops, OUR new bed and I love YOU!

Now then, if you don’t mind, go amuse yourselves for a while. I need my nap.
Good night!