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It’s Topping!

Hello! What do we have here then . . . is this what I think it is?

I DO know what it is, I do, I do, I have just forgotten the word for it . . . anyway, it must be a present for me seeing as it’s landed here, right under my nose.

Let me get on with my investigations. Now then, let me . . .err . . . well, I can go under it but that’s no good, you can’t even see my ears.

Oi! Here I am! In my new HAT!

What do you mean, ‘it isn’t a hat, Fairy’?
Of course it’s a hat . . . it’s on my head isn’t it?

Well! I didn’t know Mariella was going to be allowed a go . . .

It does have nice knees, you are quite right, Mariella, very orange too, which is a bonus if you ask me.

That’s better! Actually, it is rather a snug fit . . . made for you I would say. But it isn’t FOR you. Just as long as we are all clear on that point.

Oh NO!!!! Marigold is in . . . in my . . . . what-do-you-call it.

You can get your bottom out of there Marigold, it isn’t your size – you’ll stretch it. I don’t think they even make them in your size . . . I must admit though – you do look very cute.

Phew! I am back in my rightful position. And guess what? I remembered what you call it! I’ve seen these creatures on my computer. I didn’t know they were all soft and squashy like this though, nor did I know they were filled with Guinea Pig . . . oh well, you learn something every day!

Heeee! I can hide right under my Turtle-Topper (did you guess right?) and pretend I am not in! That should fool everyone.
Now all I need is a bowl of salad under here with me and life would be perfect . . . . Muuuuum!
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A Fairy Interloper?

Hello, Fairy here! I have to admit to feeling somewhat muddled today. I keep thinking I am seeing things, it must be my age . . . or lack of food or something. Whatever it is, it is serious – come on, I’ll show you what . . .

Fairy and Mini Fairy! b(11)

Here’s WHAT! Look! A small, round, white furry . . . . WHAT? And it’s in MY jug!

Fairy and Mini Fairy! (4)

And WHAT is on MY kitchen dresser . . . it’s FUZZY! That’s WHAT!

Fairy and Mini Fairy! (1)

And it is NOSEY!

Fairy and Mini Fairy! (2)

And DARING – that shelf is very high, even I am not allowed up there.

Fairy and Mini Fairy! (3)

It is technically minded too. Tuning in to some radio station, making itself right at home!

Fairy and Mini Fairy! (6)

I think it is time I met this little whatever it is!

Oh! There you are then . . . let’s get things straight from the start. This is MY cosy cup, you can peep over the edge – and tread NO further. Have you got that?

Fairy and Mini Fairy! (8)

WHAT the heck-is-in-my-bed?


A WHAT is in MY bed!

Fairy and Mini Fairy! (9)

Oh! Right! It’s a ‘Mini-Me’. I see. That explains a few things then.

Fairy and Mini Fairy! (10)

Ha! It is rather cute actually – and now I understand WHY it is called a ‘Mini Me’. Look! It has pink Fairy-Flaps, just like mine. Very pretty!

Fairy and Mini Fairy! (15)

Hum. It could come in quite handy – when I don’t feel like posing for my photo, ‘Mini Me’ can stand in for me! And yes – a stunt double too . . . maybe it can pretend to be me at the dentist, in the bath, getting my toenails trimmed . . . . it’s funny, but I suddenly love having a ‘Mini Me’ and life isn’t too confusing at all!

Fairy and Mini Fairy! (16)

Thanks to Sue’s Felties.