Driving Miss Fairy!

Peeep! PEEP! PEEEEEEEEEEEEP! Look out everyone! Here I come!

Driving Miss Fairy! (2)

Brumm-brumm . . . brumm-brumm!

Watch out – make way!

Driving Miss Fairy! (8)

Am I doing ok, Mum? I like driving – I don’t even think I need driving lessons!

Driving Miss Fairy! (11)

It might be a different matter when I get those two back seat drivers in with me though. I can hear Marigold now, ‘Fairy! Fairy! Slow down’! And Mariella, fussing over her long fur as it gets all blown about in the breeze.

Driving Miss Fairy! (5)

Oh well . . .

Whooooo! Hold on! Is that my tea I see, over there?
*slams paw on the brakes*

Driving Miss Fairy! (10)

I’ll just make a quick pit-stop. There’s plenty of time to practice driving round the bend later!

Driving Miss Fairy! (7)

One’s beautiful new car was delivered by Jenny’s Custom Cars. Official car-maker to the Pig-nicenti, by Royal Appointment.

Driving Miss Fairy! (13)

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  1. Awww! I can’t wait to see Marigold and Mariella in the back seat 🙂

    How cool is your yellow and white flowery car fairy, you’re a very lucky piggy xxx

  2. Fairy, your tiara is beautiful! 🙂 xx

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