High Tea!

Ho, Ho and thrice Ho! Fairy here, your internationally renowned spirit of Christmas. Well, just to further illustrate what a selfless little bundle of philanthropic joy I am, I’m throwing a Festive Tea Party for Minty and Monty and the Pesky Mousie Babes so they can all show their appreciation for me and all my good works.

1 (2)

Just need to hang a few of these festive looking baubles to make the scene look suitably decorous. Can’t help thinking I am Gilding the Piggy, but Hey Ho, it’s traditional at this time of year.

1 (3)

Mmmmm actually, this bauble stringy stuff is very tasty – nomm nomm. And perfect for a spot of personal dental hygiene – that’s flossing for the uninitiated. Auntie Lisa will approve!

1 (4)

Lets just double check the catering arrangements – woolly cakes and glass decorations for the micey guests and fresh salad leaves for me – perfect!

Hark! Do I hear the deafening pitter-patter of millions of thunderous tiny paws approaching? I’d better go and greet my guests. I’ll be back for that tasty lettuce in a moment.

1 (5)

Oh – err, hello Mr Bear. I wasn’t aware I had invited you as an official gate crasher. Hummph, **thinks** – better hide the Sherry!

We are having Tea at the top table today. Don’t worry about the climb, Mummy will give us lift up there.

2 (1)

Right everyone, lets have a group portrait of the grown-ups.

3 (13)

And now one with the whole lot of mouseys. Look! We are all wearing matching ears!

Everyone say SALAD!

3 (2)

Oh what joy it is to be such a popular Piggy.

Ready, steady . . . wait for it . . . let’s get noshing!

3 (3)

Oh hello Marmaduke what do you think you are doing in my “seconds” bowl?

3 (7)

MUMMMMMMEEEEEE – Marmaduke needs to, err, ‘GO’!

Hummph – You would have thought he would have thought to ‘go’ before he came! Or come before he went or . . . well, oh you know – GO!!!!

What was that Marmaduke? Oh it’s okay Mummy, he doesn’t need to ‘Go’ anymore.

3 (8)

Oh for goodness sake, Petunia – how many more times – Mice do not like Salad!!!!

3 (9)

Mummy – Mr Bear found the Sherry – this party is getting out of paw!

3 (10)

Oooops – **tremor** hold tight! What was that? Some sort of Earthquake thingy? Yes Minty, I’m sure the Earth did move for you too!

3 (17)

Mummy – everything just jiggled. Was that Daddy putting his foot down again?

3 (4)

Goodness us – **lurch** there it goes again. Hold tight everyone.

MUMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEE – I know I am famous for my savoir fare, but this is getting ridiculous! All this furry table top moving about malarkey is making me feel quite queasy.

3 (18)

What was that Mummy? Oh, I see – it appears we have an extra special Big Guest Star featuring in today’s story. Well, no one told me and I am supposed to be The Star after all. Wait ‘till my Agent hears about this!

3 (15)

Quick, over here everyone – apparently it’s time to go and meet our special guest – with the Big Personality.

Big Personality???!!! Just between you and me Monty – I think Mummy is starting to loose it!

5 (1)

Mummy – where is it then? This special guest of whom you speak so eloquently?

6 (3)

Whoooooooooooa – Crikey! Er, I think I might be a little bit bit scared at this point!

6 (4)

Actually – it turns out ‘Winnie’ is a really Big Softy and apart from the odd unexpected jiggle, she made the perfect location for our High Tea Party. And being as how Winnie is so lovely, she has agreed to share her tea with me.

6 (5)

Pity she has such a tiny appetite!

6 (5)b.

Merry Christmas everyone.

I hope you, your family and all your furry Piggy friends have had a lovely peaceful and loving Christmas holiday. I can’t wait to share more of my pics and stories with you in the New Year!

5 (4)

Winnie was adopted by Daddy for Mummy from Sarah. A Big Surprise for her on Christmas Morning!

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  1. Oh Fairy, you have made my day today! You and your little friends having such a jolly Christmas tea then suddenly finding you are up on high! And what a high Guinea Pig, Winnie IS beautiful and will make a lovely addition to your family.
    Happy Christmas to you all!

  2. Winnie is looking well AND a bit bigger than I remember her!

    I’m glad she came in handy for Fairy’s little ‘get together’! Great to know Winnie has a fantastic home. I hope she doesn’t create too bigger food bills.

    Hugs to all, Sarah

  3. Thanks for your comment here, Sarah! We really can’t stop admiring Big Winnie. You have created the world’s best giant guinea pig! We love her!

    It is not so much the food bills we are worried about – more what could result from t’other end . . . but we won’t dwell upon that!

    I am sure many of Fairy’s Fans would love a ‘replica’ of their own much loved guineas too, and now they know where to find you 🙂

  4. Lovely to read about Christmas, what fun you’ve had 🙂

    Winne is beautiful and what a name! When I was a little girl I had a little white albino piggy who had been abandoned and her name was Winnie. You’d have loved her Fairy, she was quite naughty and used to hide in my baby brother’s pram, as I thought her little hay nest looked too uncomforatble, lol!

  5. Oh how sweet, Alimouse! My gran was a ‘Winnie’ too, I LOVE that name!
    Happy 2011 to you!

  6. Hi there – have just found you by following Sarah’s (maker of Winnie) link. Really love your blog! I’m a rabbit girl myself (house rabbits, obviously) but one of my best friend’s has pigs and they are lovely. I have a little toy shop and sell all the Maileg things so absolutely LOVE what you are doing with them on your photos! Would you mind if I shared a link to you with my customers? I’m sure lots of them would love your blog – a fair few of them are as batty about their little creatures (real abd fabric!!)

  7. Hello Charlotte,
    We are so pleased you enjoyed visiting Fairy’s Blog 🙂
    You are right! Guineas are gorgeous creatures!
    Yes DO share the link . . . we adore the Maileg Mice and have had a great time with their little stories! If you go to the Blog Index and scroll down you will find links to all the Mouse Tales.
    I am zooming off to visit your website now!
    Thanks very much, Mildred x

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